Wendy Guevara explains her problem with Sergio Mayer

The famous member of “Las Perdidas” declared that Sergio Mayer was looking for her to become his manager

Wendy Guevara and Sergio Mayer got along very well within “The House of the Famous”, the good relationship between them, who were part of Team Infierno, continued even outside the reality show, However, the closeness that Sergio sought to have with her finally did not happen.

Although Wendy already had a manager before entering the reality show, when she left, Sergio offered to help her review certain contracts, however, things did not turn out as the YouTuber imagined, as Mayer tried to impose his will.

Although inside the house Sergio advised Wendy about how to better exploit his image and the care he should take after leaving, Wendy ended up asking him to stay away from her when it came to work.since friction arose at the beginning of the employment relationship between Wendy Guevara and Sergio Mayer.

Wendy no longer wanted Sergio Mayer to be close to her

In an interview with Adela Micha, Wendy confessed that she was the one who asked a Televisa executive to “take away” Sergio Mayer, because she no longer felt completely comfortable.

Guevara said that one day after the reality show “The House of the Famous” ended, Mayer said that Wendy had asked him to help her with business matters; She arrives at Sergio’s office and the first friction arises: «“I had never seen him like that, I saw him as a different person,” Wendy recalled, because that day a button had fallen off her blouse and when Mayer saw it, he scolded her for how she looked.

After, The former federal representative told him that he would take care of all his affairs, that the presence of Wendy’s manager, Joel Echeverría, was no longer going to be necessary.

“I’m telling you once and for all, tell your manager that he has nothing to do with anything anymore, everything has to do with me, tell everything to me, that’s the only thing I’m going to tell you,” he recalled. Wendy.

On another occasion, Sergio wanted Wendy to sign some papers, but the so-called “lost” did not do so without first asking her manager’s lawyer, who advised her not to do it.

Guevara remembered the advice that his friend Poncho de Nigris gave him: he told him not to sign anything to Mayer.

Finally, Wendy decided to raise Sergio Mayer’s situation with a Televisa executive.

«What happens is that we act a lot, I told one of the executives, I said, I have my manager, I have worked with him for a long time, with him I work more comfortably and calmly; “That was when they took Sergio away from me,” he mentioned.

And although she and Sergio Mayer are still in the WhatsApp group, They haven’t talked again after what Wendy said about him, he admits that their relationship changed, However, he was sincere in saying that he has great affection for him.