Wendy Guevara fans burn shirts with her image for this strong reason

The public is angry with Wendy Guevara.

Fans of Wendy Guevara affirm that the fame of the member of ‘Las Perdidas’ has already risen after winning LCDLFM.

followers of Wendy Guevara They are very angry with the winner of the first season of ‘The house of the famous Mexico’ for what the influencer did to them, after having won the 4 million pesos that were at stake in said reality.

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And it is that images circulate on the networks where it can be seen that fans of Wendy Guevara They threw them to the ground and burned t-shirts with the image of their idol because she did not stop to greet them and take a photo with them.

There are even fans who point out in networks that they are also upset with her for having returned with her supposed boyfriend, Marlon Colmenarez.

“We are angry, we are angry”; “Your people are angry, we support you and how do you pay us”; “Break it, burn it”; “It’s not worth it, Wendy, we’re all waiting for you, you hid from your audience”, were the shouts of the people.

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