Wendy Guevara from ‘Las Perdidas’, was she offended by Gustavo Adolfo Infante?

Since she rose to fame as part of ‘Las Perdidas’, those trans girls who screamed on a hill that they were lost, Wendy Guevara has already become an influencer and even a singer.

So they received her as a guest on the program ‘First hand’, where Gustavo Adolfo Infante confessed that he did not know the guest well, so he asked her about her origins, secrets and even her doubts about the difference between a transsexual girl and a transgender person.

“Hey, but let’s see, what is a trans woman? The one who mutilates the…?” Said the journalist, so Wendy, faithful to her honest style, replied: “No, that’s transgender. .. I am transsexual”. The influencer said that she worked as a sex worker, delivering toilet paper in the bathroom of a nightclub and, after rising to fame, she is already a singer.

He promotes his new single ‘Tu malandrito’, together with the Spaniard Pol Prince, whose video was recorded in Colombia.

In social networks, comments abounded about the treatment she received on the program, so Wendy told her truth on her YouTube channel.

“I got nervous. There was a time when Lalo told me, I loved Lalo, very nice… Erika and Addis, very nice, Gustavo Adolfo was also not rude, I liked him,” he admitted.

“They treated me well, Gustavo Adolfo Infante invited me to his YouTube channel, he did interview well. Having problems with someone is not my thing. There was a time when Lalo told me about Gloria Trevi, if I would like to do a collaboration, but no, I do this for my own pleasure, but I admit that I don’t sing, and Gustavo Adolfo Infante said ‘exactly, you don’t sing’. But it’s the truth, sisterswe are talking about the net”.

Her followers told her that they did not like the way Gustavo treated her, but Wendy said that she was not offended and recalled: “there are many comments, everyone can comment what they want.”

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