Wendy Guevara reacted to the controversy with Poncho de Nigris about distributing money she earned

  • After the declarations of Poncho de Nigris to distrust Wendy about distributing the prize, the influencer reacted to the controversy

After the victory of Wendy Guevara, from the reality show ‘House of Celebrities’and the supposed distribution of money that the finalists had agreed, today the winner clarified the situation on the subject of prizeespecially after a controversy that arose with the participant nigris poncho.

Statements circulated nigris poncho in which I was suspicious that Wendy Guevara fulfilled the pact of split the moneyYeah won the reality show. However, the successful influencer speak about it in his first live on social networks, since the confinement.

While Wendy Guevara was live streaming the first content since won ‘The House of Famous’his teammate from Team Infierno, nigris poncho commented on the video, which led the influencer to talk about the distribution of money that they had agreed.

Wendy Guevara He spoke in the live broadcast that, moments before it was announced who would be the celebrity winner from reality, Poncho de Nigris spoke with her alone, to talk about the pact they had made split the money.

“Poncho… I hope they show the video where on Sunday morning I get up […] and he tells me, ‘guey, put on your microphone and let’s go to ‘Heaven”, which is the other room where the other boys are […] So, he goes and tells me, ‘I know, I’m almost sure, that you’re going to win and I don’t want that deal. I don’t want anything, nor am I going to ask you for anything, dude. It’s your prize, it’s your gift and it’s your things. If you are the winner, it will be yours, ”she recounted.

This way, Wendy GuevarHe assured that he would tell what he did nigris poncho by retracting the pact split the moneysuspecting that the influencer would be the winner of ‘The House of the Famous’He doesn’t do it to look good with him. If not that it really happened and it was sincere.