Wendy Guevara vs Charlotte Lascurain: a war of declarations for trans women

Charlotte Lascurain was at Wendy Guevara’s birthday party

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Wendy Guevara and Charlotte Lascurain, both famous for creating content on social networks, came up with everything in a war of declarations, after the tiktoker spoke out against the winner of LCDLFM

Wendy Guevara celebrated his 30th birthday over the weekend with a big party in León, Guanajuato, his homeland. Several content creators came to the celebration, including charlotte lascurainwho after living with her launched a series of statements, which caused a media war.

During her visit to the program ‘Sale el Sol’, from Imagen Televisión, Charlotte was questioned about the phenomenon that Wendy Guevara has become after winning La Casa de los Famosos México, for which the young tiktoker gave her opinion.

She says that he is a man with chichisthat’s what she expressed a few months ago. I don’t, I do identify as a woman Definitely, so, from my point of view, that’s a bad thing because at the end of the day, people who see her on social media, straight, are going to think that all trans girls are guys with chicks, that’s what I think. something bad because it gives a bad explanation of what it means to be a transgender woman, “Charlotte said on Imagen’s morning show.

Charlotte Lascurain believes that Wendy Guevara harms trans women

When questioned by Gustavo Adolfo Infante about whether Wendy Guevara has harmed them, the young woman replied: “Definitely yes, that is, more than a good image it’s like a bad image because they classify us as menand well no, legal processes are already being carried out so that you can change your name and your gender legally as a woman and not as a man, ”said the young woman.

Charlotte Lascurain stressed that Wendy might confuse people with her concept of transgender woman: “When I see her interviews, she always says that she is a transgender woman, the same and she is queer, the same and she is a transvestite, I don’t know how she identifies, but being a transgender woman is being a woman who was born in the body of a man for ‘x ‘ reason; she gives a bad concept, confuses people who sees her”.

“Unfortunately, in her case, yes. I think it has brought a bad image for trans people”, added the young woman, who also spoke of the alleged love affair between Wendy Guevara and her friend Marlon Colmenarez.

“They say that he keeps it, the truth is I don’t know if it’s real or not. And that’s also a bad thing because trans girls are now seen as saying: “ah, like you can’t get any man or guy who really loves you or who feels ashamed to be with you”, so, she gives that image that you have to keep a man close to you“, said.

Wendy Guevara responds to Charlotte Lascurain

Wendy Guevara did not remain silent and responded forcefully to Charlotte Lascurain: “The girl is very damaged, you know that she is very damaged… She was very happy on my birthday on Saturday, she even told me ‘Congratulations Wendy, you are an example’, and right now she said ‘no, it is not an example’, and I don’t want them to see me as an example; that jack makes me laughThey already know that they fight with everyone and the next day they are all their friends, that’s why Kimberly was going to slap her on the face, “he said.

The funny thing is that Charlotte published a series of images of Wendy’s birthday on her official Instagram account. “Wendy Guevara, many Congratulations on the great step of giving more visibility to the baby community and making me part of your celebrationI had a great time with everyone, I love you very much ”, wrote the tiktoker at the bottom of her publication, which sparked a wave of criticism for having gone to the party of the winner of The House of the Famous Mexico.

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