Wendy Guevara: What did you do before you became famous and won LCDLFM?

This is what Wendy Guevara did before she became famous on social networks


After his triumph in The House of the Famous Mexicomany continue to wonder things about the life of Wendy Guevarathe content creator who won the hearts of the public with her charisma and simplicity.

Let’s remember that Wendy rose to fame in 2017 after a video went viral on social media. video his with his friend Paola Suárez in which they ask for help because they are lost on a hill.

Wendy and Paola became so famous that, together with their other friend, Kimberly “La Más Preciosa”, they were baptized as “The losses”. The three publish content on their YouTube channels and Instagram profiles about their lives, love, heartbreak and everyday situations, and also offer shows in clubs around the country.

What did Wendy Guevara do before she was famous?

Wendy Guevara is originally from León, Guanajuato, where he did not have a quiet life in his childhood and adolescence. When he was 10 years old, he was the victim of sexual abuse by a neighbor. Also, she once got hit by a car while she was playing with her friends from her neighborhood and she was hospitalized for six months.

After his delicate state of health, he decided to abandon his studies when he was in the first grade of high school, because he was also bullied for his sexual preferences. She also faced problems with her parents because of her addictions and because they did not accept her as a trans person.

Before being famous, Wendy Guevara had several trades; worked selling toilet paper in a public restroom and practiced prostitutionbut had very bad experiences in both jobs.

Wendy and Paola took advantage of their fame as “Las Perdidas” to undertake two business: one of food and fresh water, and they opened a travel agency. However, both businesses were closed due to lack of time to manage them.

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