Wendy Guevara: What will you spend the 4 million pesos you earned at La Casa de los Famosos México?

Wendy Guevara wins LCDLFM

Jose Luis Ramos

He took the biggest prize and also the hearts of the public. Wendy Guevara left LCDLFM carrying the briefcase with four million pesos, what will she do with that money? She herself revealed her plans.

Wendy Guevara30 years old, made history on Mexican television by becoming the first woman “trans” on winning a reality show; Her charisma, personality, and energy earned her the love and respect of the entire Mexican family.

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Turned into a queen the native of Guanajuato She confessed on several occasions inside The House of Famous Mexico that she lived precarious days with her family with many economic needs, so the prize she won will be of great help to her and her environment.

Wendy surprised more than one, when in a broadcast of the reality show, the content creator washed clothes and asked the production that if she lost in the program, they would at least let her take the washing machine home, because she did not have one.

The prize is more than 4 million pesos

To the announced sum of four million pesos, a bonus was added for a brand, other 400 thousand pesos, so the prize that Wendy took was much higher.

Before coming out triumphant on the night of Sunday, August 13, she revealed to “the boss” in “the confessional” that she would use the money to help her dad and mom so they would not work anymore, as well as to extend a hand to his relatives.

Wendy Guevara's mom and dad

Wendy Guevara’s mom and dad at the LCDLFM final gala

Jose Luis Ramos

Also, “WenchiHe commented that among his plans is to invest part of the money in a taco shop or tortilla shop for their parents to manage.