Wendy Guevara won ‘Trend of the year’ at the 2024 TikTok Awards thanks to this curious phrase

Wendy Guevara established herself as one of the most popular influencers in Mexico.


Wendy Guevara shone this Monday night at the TikTok Awards 2024 by winning the “Trend of the Year” award; at the ceremony, the best content creators of 2023 were recognized.

The influencer arrived at the ceremony dressed in a spectacular black look and in the company of his friends: Poncho de Nigris, Nicola Porcella and, of course, “The Lost Ones” Kimberly and Paola. As expected, the content creator was approached by the journalists who attended the TikTok Awards 2024 to interview her.

The last:

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However, Wendy Guevara responded calmly and with a great sense of humor to Mayer’s statements, as well as to Adame’s transphobic insults: “The truth is they don’t hurt me, or anything; On the contrary, it makes me laugh because even though I am not in that house, I am a topic of conversation. You already know that the rating is here”, he revealed, forcefully.

Wendy arrived at the ceremony TikTok Awards 2024 ready to have fun and succeedsomething that finally happened thanks to one of his most iconic phrases, find out!

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The TikTok Awards 2024 they awarded the best content creators in Mexico with a total of 17 categories, being “Trend of the year” with which Wendy Guevara managed to take home one of the awards.

Wendy shined at the ceremony thanks to her simple but funny phrase that went viral on social networks for months: “Old man”which surely made millions of Internet users laugh more than a few times.

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Already on the stand, and with his award in hand, Wendy Guevara He thanked his family, his friends, and the trans community for their support. when she assured, excitedly, that “those of us in the trans community can also do it.”

The influencer did not hesitate to fill her Instagram with photos and videos of the emotional momentwhich were soon filled with thousands of likes and all kinds of comments from her fans, who congratulated her with jubilant messages.


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