Wendy Guevara’s parents are denounced for fraud

Wendy Guevara’s parents are denounced for fraud.

What a controversy Mrs. Fabiola Venegas and Mr. Francisco Guevara, Wendy Guevara’s parents, are involved in.

Wendy Guevara’s parentswinner of the first season of ‘LCDLFM’ They have been reported by several people for alleged fraud, because they did not deliver several products they purchased with an image of their daughter in the virtual store they opened.

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They report the-death-of-the-influencer-La-Bellota-in-an-irrigation-canal-in-Mazatlán.jpg


They report the death of the influencer ‘La Bellota’ on a channel in Mazatlán



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Several people have accused Messrs. Francisco Guevara and Fabiola Venegas of fraud for not delivering the products they purchased weeks ago in their virtual store, which is no longer in operation.

“There is a massive complaint on social networks against Wendy Guevara’s parents. When Wendy began to have this massive success in ‘La Casa de los Famosos’, many virtual stores began to appear that had nothing to do with her selling ‘Team Infierno’ t-shirts or just Wendy’s.”

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“The family realized it and said, ‘Oh, we’re missing out on this part of the pie,’ that’s what they probably thought. And then, they made the official store, in fact, I saw the t-shirts, and the truth is that the ones from Wendy’s family were the ugliest of all, the ones that were not official were better,” said YouTuber Alejandro Zuñiga.

“They (Wendy’s parents) don’t have the experience; They started doing the shipping thing and ended up looking bad; There are already several complaints that the merchandise has not arrived and more than a month has passed and They already closed the store. In other words, all those people who are waiting for their shirt are not going to receive it because Wendy’s family has already closed the store”, he added.

At the moment, Wendy’s parents and the influencer herself have not come forward to face the strong accusations against them.