We’re Ready to Socialize. And We Should Celebrate Our New Memories

Are you ready to leave your house and celebrate getting your life back after more than two years of lockdowns and restrictions? According to Google, people across the world are now actively searching for things to do outside the home, with searches for queries like “summer wedding” or “women’s partywear” growing by more than 100% in 2022. And now that we’re ready to venture out and open ourselves up to new adventures, we’ll be making lots of great new memories. So it’s worth thinking about how we can make sure those great new experiences aren’t forgotten as time passes. And in this article we’ll discuss some great ways to do just that!

Don’t Wait for The Right Moment. It’s Already There

In times of lockdowns, one of the most common recommendations for preserving your mental well-being was to find meaning in seemingly mundane activities. It was important to take joy in simple things such as your morning coffee, a daily Zoom call with friends, or newly acquired canvas prints, bought to spruce up a drab wall in your home office. 

And guess what – the same approach works pretty well in the post-pandemic period too! As we look for new leisure activities, it’s still important to remain cautious – after all, the pandemic hasn’t actually gone away. And with looming economic worries, many people might prefer to save on activities outside the home and keep to the frugal routine they got used to over the last two years. But whatever your leisure habits, we bet you’re still having much more fun this year than in the lockdown era. So even if you don’t plan to set out on a round-the-world cruise or book a Michelin-star restaurant, it’s still worth celebrating every joyful moment of your life.

Take More Photos, Take Better Photos

Taking a photo or two when we see a beautiful sunset, an especially photogenic cake, or a cute cat basking in the sun has become second nature to us. Our smartphones are loaded with photos, and we take more and more pictures every day – but when you look through your old photos, are you always happy with the picture quality? If not, you might want to improve your photography skills so that you can take amazing creative shots that will do justice to the most beautiful moments of your life.

Luckily, it shouldn’t take a year in photography school to learn how to use the advanced photo settings in your camera. Tons of useful information on how to take better photos is available online, completely free. We recommend following some photographers on social media or searching for detailed tutorials on photo blogs. If you’re more into video content, try searching for camera reviews and hacks on YouTube.

Give Your Photos a New Life in Print

Once you learn how to take beautiful photos, you’ll want to preserve your new captures forever. And while the Cloud or your external hard drive are reliable options for photo storage, images in digital storage can easily be forgotten. That’s why our next recommendation is to print your best photos and display them proudly in the decor scheme of your home!

They say that looking back to happy moments from the past can boost our serotonin levels, so why not put this to the test? Decorate your home with photo prints that capture memories of your first post-pandemic trip, or that romantic evening you spent with your significant other when the lockdown ended. You could be surprised by how much power a photo can have to lift your mood!

Explore New Print Formats

Sometimes integrating new wall art into a room can prove quite challenging. Some homes lack free space, while others are already decorated with a carefully matched wall art selection. If either applies to you, feel free to experiment with other print formats. For example, a photo blanket printed with the image of your choice can be just as impactful as a wall art display. You can use blankets as decoration for your sofa or armchair, perhaps switching them up as the year goes by – choosing photos to match an autumnal or wintery mood, for example.

There are also other print formats worth exploring – from dinky acrylic photo blocks to fun photo tiles, and from printed textiles to practical lifestyle accessories. Products like these were designed to help people explore their creative side and turn their own memories into art pieces. So if you’ve been looking for a way to spruce up your home, there’s no better time to do it – in these post-pandemic times, we’ve learned to appreciate our freedom that little bit more. Printing your photos is the easiest way to ensure those precious new experiences aren’t forgotten.