What a mello! Why didn’t Carlitos Espejel grow? He himself joked with the answer

“What’s up, boy? I’m happy with my height because as I am, I take up little space,” he joked and in his role as Carlinflas (parody of Cantinflas) Carlos Espejel in 1985, when he was almost 13 years.

Although he was already a teenager, his height was still the subject of a controversy that was captured on TVyNovelas in November of that year.

Always in his character of Carlinflas, Espejel jokes in that interview when he is asked if he never plans to grow up.

“Well look. The truth is that I’ve already thought about it but I still haven’t decided, boy. I’m afraid of walking in heights.

Finally Carlos Espejel did grow to 1.62 tall, which is more than, for example, Salma Hayek.

Chiquidracula in action. On the right: the boy Carlitos Espejel

However, there was always the idea of ​​calling him “Carlitos” because of his short stature, even when, as an adult, he had a second wind of popularity by playing Carlinflas again in the political parody program “The Privilege of Mandating”.

But since that 1985 he was an artist with a long career. “It should be remembered that Carlitos began participating in soap operas. It was in “At the end of the rainbow”, where Carlos had his first opportunity and it seemed that he could continue in the field of drama, but almost immediately he joined the cast of “Chiquilladas”, where he began to stand out… as a comic actor! !” reads the magazine’s report, in which some photographs are also published: one of a live show with the Chiquidrácula character, another in which he appears with Juan Gabriel and a group of fans.

At that time, Carlitos was a teenager of 1.25 tall but the unanimous opinion is that he was already a great of Mexican television.

“The stupendous imitations of Raúl Velasco, Cantinflas, Juan Ruiz Healy and Guillermo Ochoa, among others, have earned him the recognition of those ”affected””.

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