What are hard water stains and how to remove them?

Whitish spots appear on various surfaces due to the concentration of minerals in the water

Although it seems strange that water can cause stains, it is also possible that they are formed from some chemical elements that the products contain. Knowing what hard water stains are and how to eliminate them allows you to treat this problem in the most efficient way, through homemade and natural solutions.

5 solutions to remove hard water stains

Although not a very serious household problem, hard water stain removal can present complications. This depends, among other things, on how long it has been sitting on the glass.

1. Lemon juice

One of the most natural solutions to treat hard water stains is the application of lemon juice. Citric acid has properties that can soften and remove it. To be effective, a fresh lemon must be squeezed and mixed with water in a spray bottle. Apply to the stain and allow it to absorb for a few minutes.

2. Toothpaste

A household product that is rarely used for other purposes is toothpaste. However, its properties favor the removal of substances.

3. Remove hard water stains with vinegar

One of the most effective household products against hard water is white vinegar. You have to mix it with water in an empty bottle, using the same proportion of each.

4. Baking soda

A product with polyfunctional characteristics is sodium bicarbonate. Make a preparation of it with vinegar, always with the precaution of doing it in an open container and in an airy space. Once the bubbling stops, pour the mixture into the glass and let stand.

5. Essential oils

Other citrus derivatives are orange or lemon essential oils. They have health benefits and are also used in cleaning. With regard to hard water stains, they can be effective in both erasing them and preventing them from re-forming.