What are kokedamas?

Kokedamas is a Japanese technique for growing plants without a pot.

The kokedamas is a Japanese technique with more than 500 years old to grow plants without using a pot, I know it seems strange, but these are replaced by small balls of moss.

How to make a kokedama at home?

Although any type of plant can be grown with this Japanese technique, the truth is that ribbons, ivy, ferns, coleus and succulents are the most recommended.

You will need: A plant, soil, works best if it is a mixture of peat with bonsai soil (akadama), clay, moss, coir (optional) and thread or twine

Steps to follow:

Step 1. Moisten the mixture of bonsai soil with clay and knead it until you get a kind of consistent mud, but do not go overwatering so that the mixture is not very runny. Once it has the right consistency, prepare a sphere with it and in the upper part make a hole where you will place the plant so that it is well centered.

Step 2. Take the plant out of the pot where it is and place it inside the kokedama without damaging its roots, cover the parts that have been left empty with a little more soil so as not to leave exposed roots.

Step 3. Moisten the moss a little, cover the surface of your kokedama and if you wish you can use coconut fiber to wrap the sphere, you just have to turn until your plant is firm and contained.

Finally, find a space to place your plant and bring more joy to your home.