What are the Android applications that consume the most battery

Android applications that consume more battery according to a study. (photo: TopesDeGama)

There are so many Applications installed in the Android smartphones that many of them consume a lot of battery without the user realizing it.

Therefore, the storage company in the cloud pCloud conducted a study that examined some frequently downloaded Android apps on these devices and discovered which ones cause massive battery usage, so that at least users can take this more into account.

Surely, many readers have had those times where they tried to find any way for the cell phone last all day on. And it is also that, a few years ago, batteries were not as large as they are now, although it is true that at that time there was not as much space and apps as today.

Anyone who uses your smartphone daily knows that the battery usually lasts one or two days, ignoring the consumption of Youtube or series and movies on platforms like Netflix either hbo max. Therefore, a total of 100 applications and the battery usage has been verified, in addition to all the usage rights allowed by an application, which slowly use the battery without one noticing.

The apps that consume the most battery

No need to be scared, but the big problem comes now since all the named apps, or almost all, the readers of this note will recognize and probably already have installed.

To make it easier, Infobae has separated them into categories:

1. Sports

Unfortunately for the sportiest, Fitbit reports the highest battery drain, and for good reason.

Of the 16 background processes and permissions analyzed by PCloud, Fitbit was able to run 16 of them in the background of the phone, and according to the report, four of those processes have the biggest impact on battery consumption.

Fitbit Premium.  (photo: Fitbit)
(Photo: Fitbit)

2. Social networks and dating applications:

This section can hardly be surprising because everyone knows that applications like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Youtube, WhatsApp Y LinkedIn they are authentic battery “eaters” in any device. These applications of social networks allow 11 background processes to run on phones.

On the other hand, pCloud also discovered that Grindr, Tinder Y bumble they also allowed 11 functions to run in the background.

WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook.  (photo: The Spanish)
WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook. (photo: The Spanish)

3. Pre-installed

These apps that come standard on a smartphone can give us problems. A good example is the application of Verizonwhich consumes almost as much as Fitbit.

4. Repeat offenders

The main application that repeats year after year is faplicaalthough other members of the Google suite have been named as gmail Y Chrome.

Android apps that consume the most battery.  (photo: Composition/Jose Arana/Word)
Android apps that consume the most battery. (photo: Composition/Jose Arana/Word)

How to find out which apps are draining your Android battery

Knowing all this, surely the user can find some surprise when checking the battery consumption of the applications. Therefore, it is better to learn in a few simple steps how to stop Android applications from performing background tasks:

1. Access the Android device and enter Settings.

2. Access the details of the section ‘Drums’.

3. Open the option of ‘Battery usage’ or ‘View Details’.

4. Touch the app in question and you will see a few options, one of which is ‘Force stop’. You can also set this app for optimized battery usage.

Battery usage on an Android smartphone.  (photo: Watch How It's Done)
Battery usage on an Android smartphone. (photo: Watch How It’s Done)

When the user is in the window battery usage, you’ll see a list of installed apps and the percentage of battery they’ve used in the last 24 hours. If you find an app that consumes a lot of power, it is preferable to close it, check for an update or consider uninstalling it.

This issue usually occurs when there is something wrong with the app and it can be resolved by closing the app or restarting the phone. If the app still does the same thing (after 24 hours) after closing the app or restarting the phone, consider another way.

At the very least, these tips can help you decide which apps to close until your Android phone has more battery, whether to keep them installed, or whether to look for other solutions.


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