What are the most expensive states in the US to buy a house?

Waikiki Beach in Honolulu, Hawaii (REUTERS / Marco García) (MARCO GARCIA /)

A study of the site homebuyer.com determined which are the most expensive states in the united states to buy a house in 2022.

The list ranked each state based on median income percentage that is needed to cover the monthly costs of the mortgage, from highest to lowest.

Housing affordability can vary greatly from place to place, especially with the taxes, utilities, and other unique expenses associated with a given citydepending on the site.

According to the report, the most expensive state to buy a home is Hawaiiwith an average house price of $615,300. The median household income there is $99,800 and 35.15% of that amount is needed to afford to purchase a home.

The states that follow Hawaii as the most expensive to buy a house in 2022 are California, Oregon, Washington and Colorado.

Chris Martin and Dakota Johnson house
Chris Martin and Dakota Johnson’s home in California (Photo © 2021 ZIllow via The Grosby Group)

That California is in second place makes sense since it is the third largest state in the country and the most populous of all. The median house price is $505,000, and the estimated monthly mortgage payment is $2,399.32.

While in Oregon the average price of a home costs about $312,000.

According to the study, it is necessary 21.92% of median household income to buy a home there and has an estimated monthly mortgage payment of $1,483.30.

In contrast, the 15 cheapest states to buy a house are the following:

1. Iowa

two. Indiana

3. Ohio

Four. Nebraska

5. Kansas

6. mississippi

7. W.V.

8. Oklahoma

9. Michigan

10. Arkansas

eleven. Alabama

12. North Dakota

13. Kentucky

14. Missouri

fifteen. South Dakota


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