What are the things you should never use in the microwave?

Not only because they can harm you, but because they affect your health.

Although it is true that the microwave gets us out of trouble in no time, there are a number of things that you should not use inside this appliance.

1. Styrofoam containers.

If the night before you ordered a food delivery, please, do not go to reheat what was left in its packaging; much less if it is made of polystyrene foam.

If it comes into contact with the heat emanating from the microwave, this material undergoes changes that are dangerous. The least serious thing that can happen is that it melts and adheres to the food or the walls of the microwave. However, this material also releases chemical substances that are dangerous to health and that will permeate your food.

2. Plastics.

Plastic is one of the things you shouldn’t use in the microwave.

Specifically, those bags and containers such as those for butter, yogurt or condiments, tend to melt on contact with heat. There are others that are suitable to be placed inside the appliance, such as those that are marked with the triangular emblem and have the numbers 2, 4 and 5.

In addition to this number, if they are truly microwave safe, they should have an icon with three waves on them.

This way you will know with greater certainty that it is suitable. In the case of bags, none are safe to expose to heat, so be very careful.

3. Metal and stainless steel utensils.

Metal is another thing you shouldn’t use in the microwave. This is because it can damage the appliance.

The device generates electromagnetic waves through an electron tube. Food absorbs these waves and generates heat, which is not the case with metal, which is a conductor.