What crime did Shakira commit? This is what we know from the research

Shakira claimed for 5 years that she was innocent of the tax crime that she was accused of in Spain.

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Shakira finally accepted responsibility for the tax crime of which she was accused between 2012 and 2014, and now had to pay a million-dollar fine.

Shakira has been at the center of attention of the international press. The Colombian singer appeared at a trial in Barcelona this Monday for the tax accusations against her, which he admitted and reached an agreement to resolve the case.

The ‘I congratulate you’ singer quickly became a trend due to a video in which She is seen accepting the tax fraud committed between 2012 and 2014. Although she has already returned the money for which she was accused, the Barranquilla woman denies any wrongdoing.

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What crime did Shakira commit?

Shakira was accused of defrauding the Spanish state of 14.5 million euros (about 15.8 million dollars) during his residence between 2012 and 2014, according to the British media “BBC”.

“After many years of struggle, I have made this decision.”

Despite denying the crime for more than five years, Gerard Piqué’s ex-partner reached an agreement “thinking about his children: Sasha and Milan”, with whom he currently resides in Miami, Florida.

The 46-year-old singer’s decision to confront the Spanish prosecutor’s office was aimed at free yourself from the stress and emotional toll that you have taken in recent yearsin order to “focus on the things he loves: his children and all the opportunities that lie ahead in his career.”

It’s a statement, Shakira expressed: “I felt ready to face a trial and defend my innocence.”. My lawyers were convinced that we had a winning trial. However, after many years of struggle, I have made this decision.”

Shakira pleaded guilty

Shakira paid more than 4 thousand euros to avoid going to jail.

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It is important to note that Spanish law establishes that Any person who spends more than 6 months in the country is considered a tax resident. Although the Latin Grammy-winning artist’s lawyers appealed that she did not remain in the country due to her tours and other commitments, An investigation concluded that there was enough evidence to go to trial.

What will happen to Shakira and her tax crime?

After the trial held this Monday, Shakira accepted a three-year prison sentence that she will not serve. To avoid prison, paid another additional 432 thousand euros (approximately 472 thousand dollars)in addition to the fine of 7.3 million euros (about 8 million dollars).