What crimes has actor Héctor Parra been accused of and why is he still in prison?

Héctor Parra was acquitted of seven counts of sexual abuse against his daughter Alexa Hoffman.


The life of Hector Parra had a radical turn in 2019, when his daughter Alexa Hoffman formally denounced him for sexual abuse; In 2021 the interpreter was arrested, and in May of this year the actor was sentenced to 10 years and six months in prison.knows what crimes were that led him to prison.

Héctor Parra, however, despite the fact that he has already received a sentence, has always received the support of his other daughter, Daniela Parrawho has been in the eye of the storm for defending his father against the accusations and has even come to accept that he organized a garage sale to obtain the funds he needs to pay the team of defense lawyers.

Héctor Parra began his career as an actor in the 90’s, participating in soap operas such as “La pícara Dreamera” and “El Flight of the Eagle”. These are the crimes of which the actor is accused and for which he went to prison.


The crime for which Héctor Parra was sentenced to 10 years and six months in prison was that of corruption of minors against his daughter Alexa Hoffman, whom he conceived with his former partner, Ginny Hoffman.

The current Federal Penal Code stipulates that corruption of minors consists of “inducing, procuring or forcing a minor under 18 years of age to commit acts such as bodily exhibitionism, prostitution, drunkenness, consumption of narcotics or sexual practices.”

In addition, Héctor Parra also faced seven charges of sexual abuse, also against his daughter Alexa Hoffman; however, The actor was acquitted by a judge in Mexico City. If convicted, Parra would have been sentenced to six to thirteen years in prison and up to 500 days of fine.

As you can see, although Héctor Parra was acquitted of the charges of sexual abuse, this was not the case with the crime of corruption of minors, for which he ultimately received his sentence. However, her daughter Daniela has not stopped claiming the innocence of her father and demanding that the case be reopened to present more evidence and prove his innocence.