What did Juan Osorio, Emilio Osorio’s older brother, die of?

Emilio Osorio misses his older brother a lot.

Against all odds, Emilio Osorio could leave LCDLFM this Sunday, as he is at risk of being expelled at the fifth nomination gala, along with Paul Stanley and Sergio Mayer.

A few days ago, nostalgia invaded Emilio Osorio, 20 years old, in The House of the Famous Mexico remembering his older brother, Juan Osorio Jr.through a dynamic of family photographs.


June 29 has been a tragic date marked on the calendar of John Osoriodue to the sudden death of his son, Juan Osorio Jr. in 2013 at the age of 30.

That day, the eldest son of the Televisa producer, John Osoriowent for a walk with his girlfriend named Daniela, who is the sister of the actress blanca sotowhen he began to feel bad, he received medical attention, but on the way to the hospital, a sudden heart attack took his life.

Juan Wenceslao Osorio Avaloswho worked as head of production on various telenovelas on the San Ángel television station (the telenovela Because love rules it was his last project), he lived moments of great happiness because he would soon become a father.

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What did Juan Osorio, Emilio Osorio’s older brother, die of?



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“He was in very good health, he was very happy because he was going to be a father, because his girlfriend was going to give him a baby, he and his girlfriend were leaving their house when walking he had a sudden heart attack,” Doña Carmen said at the time. Salinas upon arrival at the funeral.

Producer Juan Osorio he received the tragic news in the hospital, since he was hospitalized due to a strong infection that spread to his trachea. With the permission of the doctors and his medical supervision, Osorio attended the funeral to say goodbye to his son.


Emilio Osorio was 10 years old when his half brother died.

Various celebrities like edward santamarina, Mayrin Villanueva, Sherlyn, Luz Elena Gonzalez and the producer Rosy Ocampo They came to offer their condolences to Mr. Juan Osorio for the irreparable loss of his son.

Juan Osorio Jr.’s body was cremated and his father returned to the hospital after watching over his son’s remains.

Juan Osorio is the father of two women and two men: Miriam, Juan, Sabrina and Emilio. His eldest children are the result of the marriage he had with his first wife, Ofelia Ávalos. His eldest daughter is Miriam Osorio, who also dedicated herself to television production.

Emilio Osorio is the result of the controversial relationship that Juan Osorio had with Niurka Marcos.