What did Rebecca Jones want for a posthumous tribute? These were his last wishes

Behind the death of the actress Rebecca Jones, family and close friends They met privately at the funeral south of the Mexico City. Among the attendees was the television producer Ana Celia Urquidi, who revealed the wishes of the actress for the posthumous tribute.

Ana Celia Urquidi had a close relationship with Rebecca Joneswhom even considered as his sisterso, at the end of the funeral, he gave details about the tribute what the actress of ‘Cuna de lobos’ wanted, so that they could say goodbye to the die.

«That we do an event that we are preparing for him. Believe me she said, ‘I want there to be press and I want everyone to be dressed in black. And if you don’t go elegant and dressed in black, you better not go, eh!’” she said.

The same way, Ana Celia Urquidi stressed that his friend Rebecca Jones did not want a funeral full of means and who also did not want see their relatives and close ones with sad clothes. I only expected a simple and private burial.

Instead, before dying, Rebecca Jones made it clear that in posthumous tribute wished for attendees to arrive in high spirits and ready to splurge eleganceas revealed by one of his friends nearby Ana Celia Urquidi.