What does Max Verstappen need to be Formula 1 champion this weekend

Max Verstappen can be champion this Sunday in Jeddah (REUTERS / Amanda Perobelli) (AMANDA PEROBELLI /)

This weekend will be the beginning of the end for the 2021 season of the Formula 1 who has an all-out fight between Max verstappen (Red Bull) and Lewis hamilton (Mercedes). Both were broad dominators in the championship, in which they were left with 16 of the 20 disputed dates. At the brand new Jeddah street circuit, in which Saudi Arabia will debut on the Maxima calendar, one of the two can become world champion.

This Friday the action will begin with the two free practices. Verstappen leads the tournament with 351.5 points against 343.5 for Hamilton. It takes him 8, although there are 52 units left in dispute: in each of the two missing appointments there will be 26 up for grabs, 25 for the winner of each race and one for which he sets the lap record. There will be no sprint race, so those extra points will not be in bid.

The 24-year-old Dutchman will have his first chance to be champion on the Arab stage and for that must get a difference of 26 points to Hamilton. If on the last date Lewis wins the race, he achieves the lap record and Max does not add units, although they would be tied in points, the Dutchman will be champion because he will be left with one more victory, he has 9 and the Englishman reached 7.

Formula 1 definition plate
Formula 1 definition plate

What combination of results must occur for Verstappen to be enshrined in Jeddah?

1) Let him win, set the lap record and Hamilton is 6th or worse.

2) That he wins and Hamilton is 7th or worse.

3) Make it second, set the lap record, and Hamilton is 10th or worse.

4) That it is second and that Hamilton does not add points, that is, I finished from 11th place down.

The scoring system applies as follows: 1st (25 points), 2nd (18), 3rd (15), 4th (12), 5th (10), 6th (8), 7th (6), 8th (4), 9th (2) and 10th (1). In addition to the extra point for the author of the lap record in the race as long as finished within the top ten.

Beyond the variations in the results and that Verstappen will have his first letter to settle the lawsuit, on paper it is unlikely that this will happen in Jeddah due to the level shown by Hamilton, who in the last two dates was the winner, in San Pablo and in Qatar, where he kept the combustion engine released at the Brazilian event in Interlagos. There the sevenfold world champion swept Sunday and a week later at the Losail circuit, preserved it and this weekend he will use the so-called “car engine” again for the speed that the Englishman gained in his car with that driver.

It’s a long straight, we will bring out our special equipment for Saudi Arabia that we do not use in Qatar and hopefully Valtteri Bottas is also well above, we need it. Although, in any case, if everyone finishes the race, the definition will go to Abu Dhabi ”, said the head of Mercedes, Toto wolff in statements to Sky F1.

Can Hamilton be champion this weekend?

No, because in his best scenario, if he wins the 26 points in dispute and Verstappen does not add anything, the Englishman will be left with 369.5 units over 351.5 for the Dutch. He will jump to the top of the championship, he will be 18 ahead of his rival, but it should be remembered that in Abu Dhabi there will also be 26 points in contention.

Lewis Hamilton was intractable in Sao Paulo and Qatar with victories (REUTERS / Hamad I Mohammed / Pool TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY)
Lewis Hamilton was intractable in São Paulo and Qatar with victories (REUTERS / Hamad I Mohammed / Pool TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY) (HAMAD I MOHAMMED /)

Constructors’ Championship

Here the subject is more closed, since Mercedes leads the table with 546.5 points against 541.5 for Red Bull. There are only 5 units away in favor of the German team and, if the two best results are taken, there will be a global of 88 points at stake. In summary: 25 to the winner, 18 to the second and 1 for the lap record. The analysis is the best scenario for the team that achieves the ideal on the track with 1-2 in the race and one of its drivers also gets the fastest lap (the extra point).

In this fight of the teams, if you take the other drivers, in recent days the Austrian team was more consistent, because Sergio “Checo” Pérez it was third in Turkey, the United States and Mexico, and fourth in São Paulo and Qatar. While Valtteri Bottas On the same dates he won, he was 6th, 15th, 3rd and he left. The Finn is third in the championship, but the Mexican is fourth and he discounted a lot in that aforementioned band.

With this panorama and due to the number of units at stake, the Constructors’ World Championship will also be defined on the last date. Although both Bottas and Pérez will play a preponderant role in the battle for the Pilots’ crown since they will have to be more squires than ever of their teammates.

Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton come up with an all-out fight on the season.  Their teams, Red Bull and Mercedes, respectively (EFE / Sebastiao Moreira)
Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton come up with an all-out fight on the season. Their teams, Red Bull and Mercedes, respectively (EFE / Sebastiao Moreira) (Sebastiao Moreira /)

Will it be a voucher for everything?

In the season there were high tension meetings like the touches between Verstappen and Hamilton in Great Britain and Italy. In Brazil they were close again and the controversy was the Dutchman’s maneuver that Mercedes accused of stretching the braking at the end of the fourth corner, instance in which he was able to keep the lead against Hamilton, who in another attempt in the same place surpassed him.

Until the definition of 1997 it was a voucher for everything. The fierce struggles between Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost in 1989 and 1990 had its sequel in the fight of Michael Schumacher and Jacques Villeneuve 24 years ago, when in the last race held in Jerez de la Frontera, the German threw the Ferrari on the Williams driver. It did not go well for the Kaiser that he left and then, for his action, the International Automobile Federation (FIA) took all the points of the season from him.

The collision between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton in Monza, Italy, was one of the high points of 2021 (REUTERS / Jennifer Lorenzini)
The collision between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton in Monza, Italy, was one of the high points of 2021 (REUTERS / Jennifer Lorenzini) (JENNIFER LORENZINI /)

There the mother entity set a limit in terms of definitions. From that moment all the pilots knew that the “anything goes” does not work. Although this year by case Verstappen was sanctioned with 50 thousand euros for touching the wing of the DRS of Hamilton in Brazil (Later Lewis was sanctioned for irregularities in that element) and the Englishman, for taking off his seat belts at the end of that race to celebrate with a flag, some 5,000 immediately and 20 thousand on hold that you will only have to pay if you do it again before the end of 2022. This led to an ironic comment by Verstappen.

In this final stretch, the FIA ​​sports commissioners will also play a key role. They must have a very fine eye to see and hear everything that happens. Also to be able to make quick decisions and that a career or the title is not defined on the desks. The category does not deserve it, nor are both drivers who have been doing a historic season for their fight on the track.

Formula 1 – Grand Prix of Saudi Arabia – Schedules and TV:

Friday 12/3

Practice 1

10:25 ARG / CHI / PAR / URU 09: 25BOL / VEN 08: 25COL / ECU / PER (STAR ​​+ & ESPN2)

Practice # 2

13:50 ARG / CHI / PAR / URU 12: 50BOL / VEN 11: 50COL / ECU / PER (STAR ​​+ & ESPN2)

Saturday 4/12

Practice # 3

10:55 ARG STAR +

10:55 CHI / PAR / URU 09: 55BOL / VEN 08: 55COL / ECU / PER (STAR ​​+ & ESPN3


13:55 ARG / CHI / PAR / URU 12: 55BOL / VEN 11: 55COL / ECU / PER (STAR ​​+ & ESPN3)

Sunday 5/12

Live Race

14:00 ARG / CHI / PAR / URU 13: 00BOL / VEN 12: 00COL / ECU / PER (STAR ​​+)

Deferred Career

19:30 ARG / PAR / URU 18: 30BOL / VEN 17: 30COL / ECU / PER (ESPN2)

00:30 CHI (ESPN2)


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