What features can be highlighted in a cell phone with a folding screen, is it worth it or not?

Samsung Galaxy ZFold 2

For more than 15 years there has been talk in the technological field of flexible cell phones and there were several brands that brought those devices to the market that at the time, revolutionized the market. However, the development of folding screens for mobile devices has also been highlighted, which in the end, which are worth a lot but deliver premium features.

Although, it is observed in social networks that many feel with a luxury device when they buy a cell phone with a folding screen, we can say that it goes much further than that, because they actually have features that allow work or even play.

The Galaxy Z Fold 2 is another of the attempts that have been put on the technology table to be leaders of this feature and we managed to test the device to confirm whether or not they have actually made progress in delivering a cell phone that is not cumbersome for work and comfortable to wear.

Fluidity, multitasking and design are the most characteristic, without neglecting the camera, but it is that good, it was to be expected because many brands are already delivering better cameras and users might prefer that to a folding screen.

Perhaps one of the points in favor are the materials and the design, having one of these can generate that at first people open and close the cell phone very slowly or with fear that the screens or the back will break. However, there is no problem and no deterioration was evident on the screen.

Obviously in the audiovisual section one of the characteristics that impacts the most is the 7.4-inch double screen that will allow you to watch videos or movies with a feeling of immersion.

For work it has a plus and that is that Samsung gives the possibility of opening three applications at the same time and moving them across the screen without having to close them. The Multitasking functions allow to give more usability to the screen that is finally large when the device is opened and in addition, applications can be grouped so that they open at the same time with the divided screen.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2
File photo. | Credit: Samsung

Remember the Galaxy Z Flip? This is another device that is still seen on the market and that has a flexible screen, there the Flex mode was known that allows folding the phone and working on it, however, for the Fold, despite being an ideal feature for work, It would be much more striking for the photographs because having the phone semi-folded, it acts as a tripod and the front camera is used.

On the cameras they did have a breakthrough, and it was necessary because such an expensive phone with premium features needed better resolution and functions for users. They improved in sharpness, zoom and stabilization.

What should i keep in mind

When considering the daily use of the smartphone, we could use the outer screen more, which could be cumbersome because it is narrow. Internal screens are normally used when there is more time.

Being a cell phone with so many features, it is clear that we are facing a device that is heavier than the rest (280 grams) so, if we use it with one hand, it will soon become impractical.

Finally, keep in mind that the investment is high, they are expensive cell phones and you must first evaluate your pocket to acquire it.


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