What happened to Francisco Stanley Jr, Paul Stanley’s older brother and close associate of his father?

Paco Stanley’s son is currently a producer and businessman

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“This is the good one,” said Paco Stanley when he saw his eldest son on the “Him and She” talk show in 1999.

It was the time when Stanley left Televisa to contract with TV Azteca, that is, a few months before his murder.

In the program it was decided to invite, in addition to Paco, Jorge Gil, Mario Bezares and Francisco Stanley Jr., who at that time was a young man recently graduated from Law.

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Children and friends of Paco Stanley

“Blessed be God that you look like mom,” Paco joked with his son amid the applause they both received on the television show “He and She.”

Francisco Stanley Jr’s mother is blessed be God that you look like mom Patricia Pedroza, the driver’s second wife and with whom he also had a daughter, Leslie, who decided from a very young age to be completely away from the world of entertainment in which his dad.

Paco Stanley always tried to speak little about his family, but every time he mentioned his children, he did so with deep affection.

“The relationship with my daughter Leslie, the same as with Paco, has been very beautiful, very friendly, we are great friends,” the driver used to say.

Stanley had two other sons, Paul Stanley, whom he recognized until he was a teenager and with whom he began a close relationship right on the date he was murdered, and Francisco Stanley Solís, who died tragically and about whom he rarely spoke. .

The weight of being Stanley Jr.

Being the oldest and best known of his children, Francisco Stanley Jr. was constantly questioned about his famous father.

“The difficult thing about being Paco’s son is in the aspect of the restlessness of the people who ask me: “what is your dad like? what does he do? what does he do?”

However, in the family aspect, the son of the popular creator of “Pácatelas”, assures that his life was quite normal-
“The time he dedicated to us was optional but with a lot of quality and that was very important in our development.”

Although Stanley Jr. said his dad was just as much of a prankster off camera, his dad tried to separate the personality he showed on screen from the one he had at home.

“When the joke is daily, you get bored”

From lawyer to producer

Paco Stanley Jr is a lawyer by profession and later traveled to England to study for a specialization.
After finishing his studies in England, he returned to Mexico and it was then that his father asked him to become his right hand.

“My son finished his law degree and he loves his career, however, when he came back from doing a course in England I asked him to collaborate on the program and at first he was reluctant… but I was selfish and asked him to help me ”.

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Father and son began to collaborate just when Paco Stanley left Televisa to go to TV Azteca.

“In a good way, my son lent himself to help me be with me and he has done it in a sensational way.”

the day of the murder

On June 7, 1999, Paco Stanley was murdered as he was leaving a restaurant where he had had breakfast, located on Periférico Sur.

In the middle of the case and when the expert services were still working on the scene, his son Stanley Jr. arrived at the scene. In a video of the Televisa broadcast, he is seen crying and inconsolable in front of the truck in which the body of his father lies.

“He never stated that he had any problem for which he had received a threat,” he told months later on the program “The story behind the myth.”

Stanley Jr’s present

Since that 1999, Francisco Stanley Jr. moved away from the entertainment environment. He did not appear on television again and was occasionally known about him on social networks, especially through Paul Stanley, his half-brother, who has published some photos of his meetings.

Another of his most recent appearances was in a video posted on Facebook by the National Chamber of the Transformation Industry. Stanley Jr, with a beard and gray hair, invites people to fight against Covid through the “Stay at home” campaign.

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Dated to 2020, it is one of the few public appearances she has made since her father’s death. It is known that, in addition to being a businessman, he is actually still engaged in production, an office that his father inherited from him.
“My son has learned a lot from this from television,” Paco said in 1999. “He didn’t know anything, he was on a different path than what his career is, however he gave himself the opportunity to work with me… and it has helped him He liked it so he will probably continue to dedicate himself to this ”.

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