What happened to Mario Carballido, ex-husband of Carmen Campuzano?

Mario Carballido is originally from Oaxaca de Juárez.


several years ago, Carmen Campuzano and Mario Carballido formed one of the most mediatic marriages of the Mexican show business. The model and the then successful television host were seen at various public events and enjoyed great popularity. As a result of that relationship, the twins Daniela and Camila were born.

Mario Carballido stopped working on television, and those who remember the relationship he had with carmen campuzano now they are wondering what he is doing, since he has been separated from the spotlight for a long time, that is why here we have a brief summary of Carballido’s career, as well as his current occupation.

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Mario Carballido is originally from Oaxaca de Juárez, and he was living both in Guanajuato and Guadalajara, where he studied Communication Sciences; Later, she studied at the Televisa Center for Artistic Education. Upon his graduation in 1992, he began working as a radio and television host.

The performance was not alien to Mario Carballido, who you can see in soap operas like “María la del barrio”, “To hell with the handsome ones” and “La tempestad”. As a host, Carballido has been on the programs “Today”, “Vida TV” and “Musical Blowout”.

Mario Carballido was for years in the public eye for being the husband of carmen campuzano, with whom he had the twins Daniela and Camila; however, the marriage could no longer continue and they divorced years later.

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Currently, Mario Carballido lives between Mexico City and Oaxaca; He is dedicated to giving motivational and personal development conferences for students in various schools in the country, as seen in several videos posted on social networks.

Besides, Mario Carballido participates in the musical literary show based on the book “Your princess, I frog”, which narrates experiences of men in their love relationships and reveals masculine vulnerability.