What happened to the life of Sergio Basteri, Luis Miguel’s younger brother who was captured in Guadalajara

Luis Miguel and Sergio Basteri have not had contact in several years.


Sergio Basteri, Luis Miguel’s younger brother, reappeared after staying away from the spotlight for more than 15 years; His life has remained completely secretive.

This Monday afternoon, Luis Miguel’s name sounded loud again on social networks, but not because of the concerts that are part of his 2023 Tour or because of his fights with Aracely Arámbula, but because his younger brother, Sergio Basteri was captured at the Guadalajara Airport after several years of absence.

And although Sergio was quite sparing when speaking to the media and simply declared that “I am not a public figure and I simply ask you to leave me alone”the brief statements had an impact because Basteri has a tone of voice very similar to that of “El Sol”.

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The images of Sergio Basteri are very brief, in addition to the fact that he was accompanied at all times by Octavio Foncerrara, “The Doctor”, the doctor who has taken care of him since he was a child; However, this was enough for the figure of the younger brother of Luis Miguel was taken up on networks: What has Sergio Basteri dedicated himself to in all these years and where does he live?


Sergio Basteri is currently 39 years old and, for some time, he preferred to use his mother’s surname. Very little is known about his life because he decided to completely distance himself from the media fame of Luis Miguel, his brother.

It is important to remember that, when “Luisito Rey” died, Luis Miguel managed to obtain custody of his younger brother after a series of legal battles; When this occurred, he placed Sergio in the hands of Mario Octavio Foncerrada, a family doctor who raised the boy with the support of Luis Miguel. Both he and Sergio moved to the United States, and Basteri even began a law career; however, he never finished it.

The distance between Sergio Basteri and Luis Miguel came shortly after, when The singer refused to continue paying support for his younger brother after he refused to go to England to study, since that was not his vocation.

Basteri, after reaching the age of majority, He moved to Guadalajara and studied at the School of Visual Arts; He later worked as a chef. His time in the world of music, unlike “El Sol”, was very brief, with just an electronic music project called Decathlon. His first single, “Car Crash,” can still be heard on YouTube.

At the momentit’s known that Sergio Basteri lives in Spain, where he works in a department store; Likewise, it emerged that Has a son and, although he does not speak with Luis Miguel, he is in contact with Alejandro, his other brother.