What happened to the members of “Boquitas pintadas”?: The band in which the terror of Sergio Andrade began

Painted Mouths


The first chapters of Ellas soy yo, the Gloria Trevi bioseries, have awakened a series of memories in the viewer.

The music of “Painted Mouths” becomes fashionable again, while the public wonders what has happened to the members of the band that Sergio Andrade formed in 1985 when he began to manage the career, and the life, of the Monterrey interpreter.

The girls who were part of that fleeting group that only lasted a year were: María Raquenel Portillo (later baptized Mary Boquitas), Claudia, Pilar Ramirez, Monica Murr and Gloria Trevi, who after his departure took off as a soloist, thus beginning his controversial history in the Mexican show.

The bioseries reveals terrifying events that happened around the group “Boquitas pintadas”, whose name was changed in fiction to “Wild and Rock Strawberries”. In the first five episodes you can see how Sergio Andrade physically and verbally assaults several of the members, in addition to subjecting them to high levels of stress and pressure, all of whom are minors.

Gloria Trevi in ​​Painted Mouths

Gloria Trevi in ​​Painted Mouths


When was the band formed?

Due to the popularity that various children’s and youth groups were having in the 1980s, Sergio Andrade decided to form a band of pure young girls in 1985 and prepare them vocally and artistically in his studio in Mexico City. That same year they recorded an album in Los Angeles and shortly after the project disappeared due to the little support it had, according to what is told in the series.

The last:

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The “suitcase controversy” that ended up distancing Verónica Castro and Mitzy



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Who were the members?

Gloria Trevi

The most successful and popular of “Boquitas Pintadas”, is the author of several of the band’s songs, among them: “Amor Cavernícola” and “I want to return to you”. Currently, she is the most current with an uninterrupted career within the music industry This 2023 he has been touring Mexico, Latin America, Europe and the USA with his “Isla Divina” tour.

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Maria Raquenel Portillo, “Mary Boquitas”

Along with Gloria, Mary Boquitas She was one of the singers who featured the most in the band, her famous stage name is due to the group in which she took her first steps. When the project was extinguished, she began her career as a soloist calling herself “Raquenel”, she has released two albums and has participated in three soap operas. On Friday, August 18, she will release her new single “En boca cerrada”, the same name as her podcast.

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Claudia Roses

He forged a friendship with Gloria since they met in the group. Like her companions, she took flight as a soloist without much rebound and for many years she was a backup singer of the interpreter of “Pelo suelto”.

Pilar Ramirez

After “Boquitas pintadas”, he formed a duet with Mónica Murr, but that too disappeared. Away from social networks and the spotlight, Pilar dedicates herself to singing hymns of praise to God.

Monica Murr

After trying his luck with the duet he did with Pilar, he gave up his musical career and opted to sing in churches. She also stays out of the media spotlight.