What happens if you leave the cell phone charger connected all the time?

Although leaving your cell phone charger connected seems harmless to you, in reality, passive and unnecessary energy consumption can bring you complications.

Are you one of those who lose cell phone charger every time? If so, surely by comfort or out of laziness, you leave the charger connected while no other electrical device makes use of it. However, this may affect its performance.

Have the cell phone with the two% battery and not find the charger before it goes out is a situation that tests your tolerance stress. Given this, it would be harmless to leave it plugged in so as not to lose sight of it and use it whenever you need it. However, you would be doing a passive energy consumption.

Even though that him charger from your cell phone does not consume the same amount of energy as a refrigerator or an iron, leaving it plugged in all the time will affect its lifespan, by environment and your pocket.

Reasons not to leave your cell phone charger connected all the time

The chargers and the batteries of the cell phones They are no longer the same as they were 10 years ago. They are now equipped with better technology But, since it is better to be safe than sorry, we tell you what can happen if you leave your cell phone charger connected all the time.

The cell phones evolve and their maintenance accessories too. most of chargers current have quality certifications and mechanisms of automatic detection power when no device is connected.

Some brands equip chargers with technology to prevent overheating, as well as self-regulating actuators that contain the absorption of electricity.

When you leave the charger connected without your cell phone, a energy consumption silent called “vampire”, which consists of electrical devices that are turned off or disconnected, but continue to “suck” light and many times you do not realize it.

And though when he charger is connected only the same amount of Watts is not sent, it does generate a certain consumption of light, you may not notice it reflected in your receipt So we’d be talking about 0.2 Watt per hour.

However, it doesn’t hurt to mention to leave connected all the time your cell phone charger can cause it to wear out faster, damage the cable feeding current and wear out the connection pins.

Recommendations to avoid leaving your cell phone charger connected

Manufacturers like Motorola advise on their website to use the charger what corresponds to you cell phone. This is because not all the smartphones support the same amount of voltage, so use the proper charger and connect it only when necessary, will avoid that the battery of the device reduces its useful life.

You can choose to use sliders or multi-contact with on/off to turn off the energy flow to your electrical devices and avoid vampire consumption. This measure is also useful for to prevent let something happen overheating to produce a spark.

brands like Manzana warn in their user guides that the chances that a original and certified charger causes a fire are few, this would happen in cases such as letting it come into contact with water, the wall outlet failing due to a outside short circuit or not use an adapter for voltage changes.

apple too advise users to purchase chargers that have certification, which are subjected to quality tests by manufacturers. Although there are more chargers cheap you do not know exactly the quality of its materials and, in case of accidents, you would not have a safety guarantee.

Remember, when you load your cell phone do not leave it in places where the heat is enclosed, between sheets, blankets, pillows or places that accumulate humidity, such as bathrooms and showers, it must be in a ventilated area to moderate Their temperature.

With these prevention measures you can keep it in good condition charger of your mobile.