What have been Elon Musk’s proposals to maintain a verified account

Twitter. (photo: SkyTimes)

Elon Musk keep announcing news of a new Twitter by threads of tweets. This Tuesday, the new owner of the social network has cleared up the mystery about how much it will cost users to obtain and maintain their check blue and determine that an account is verified, something that could now be obtained for free.

It will not be $20 dollars or $4.99. The tycoon’s plan, according to his own messages, is to charge a fee for being a verified user. USD$ 8 per month as part of the Twitter Blue subscription service, launched on June 3, 2021 and costing $4.99.

“Twitter’s current system of lords and peasants to see who has or doesn’t have a blue check mark is rubbish. Power to the people!” he tweeted. Elon Musk.

Elon Musk would charge $8 per verified account.  (photo: Twitter)
Elon Musk would charge $8 per verified account. (photo: Twitter)

Elon Musk and his proposals to obtain a verified account on Twitter

One way or another, Elon has to earn something after spending a fortune buying Twitter, and the way to do it is going to be getting paid. At least that’s what Twitter’s initial plans pointed out, that it intended to charge USD $20 dollars to the few really active users of the network: verified accounts.

The social network plans to apply a fee to verified accounts if they don’t want to lose their unique blue check that determines whether an account is verified or not. It is not clear when Twitter will apply this measure, but according to various sources, Musk wants everything to be ready for the next November 7, or employees working in this role would be laid off.

Twitter and Elon Musk.  (photo: REUTERS/Dado Ruvic)
Twitter and Elon Musk. (photo: REUTERS/Dado Ruvic) (DADO RUVIC/)

But, just one day after generating a strong controversy for his intention to charge $20 a month to verified Twitter accounts, Elon Musk has backed down. According to the tycoon, verification will be available to subscribers of Twitter Blue in exchange of USD$ 8 monthly.

But the announcement did not stop there. Elon Musk also mentioned that the cost of Twitter Blue will be adjusted for each country according to their purchasing power, that it will give subscribers the ability to post “long-form audio and video”, and will also give them priority in replies, mentions and comments. searches. The latter, according to the businessman, is essential to defeat spam and scams.

On the other hand, those who pay the USD$ 8 dollars will see “half the ads than the rest”, and they will also be able to bypass paywalls on posts from publishers who collaborate with the social network. “This will also give Twitter a revenue stream to reward content creators,” she added.

Elon Musk on Twitter.  (photo: Twitter)
Elon Musk on Twitter. (photo: Twitter)

Steps to verify a Twitter account

1. Enter ‘Settings’

This button can be found in the left column, ‘More options’ > ‘Settings and privacy’.

2. Click on ‘Request Verification’

If you do not have the verification of the Twitter account, you have the section ‘verified’ and just below the button Request Verification. This button starts the process to achieve verification of a Twitter account.

Steps to obtain verification in a Twitter account.  (photo: Twittermania)
Steps to obtain verification in a Twitter account. (photo: Twittermania)

3. Choose the category

This step is to choose what type of account or profile you have on Twitter. Depending on which one is chosen, the platform has different requirements. If this is not clear, the social network has a button to help choose the category to which one belongs.

In addition to being in one of the categories, to access this blue check you need to have the complete account: profile name, profile image and email address. It also has to be active in the last six months and have a history of complying with the platform’s rules.

4. Confirm identity

Once you have chosen the category of the account, you have to choose how to confirm the identity, a step before Twitter grants verification.

In this case, you can choose to do it through the identity document, an email or a web page that refers directly to the Twitter account.

5. Wait for Twitter’s decision

It’s time to wait to find out what Twitter decides. If the steps have been followed correctly and the platform accepts the request, an email is received with Twitter’s response and the blue check appears automatically next to the username.

If, on the other hand, the social network denies the verification by mistake, it can be requested again after 30 days from when Twitter made the decision.

Steps to obtain verification in a Twitter account.  (photo: Watch How It's Done)
Steps to obtain verification in a Twitter account. (photo: Watch How It’s Done)


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