What is Kiwi Farms, the web forum turned into a hate platform that led several of its users to their deaths

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Kiwi Farms is an online forum where men who involuntarily consider themselves celibates either “incels” (a virtual subculture of men who say they are unable to have romantic and sexual relationships with women out of resentment towards them), seek to normalize the child rape, defamation, self-harm and bullyingboth digital, and even sometimes off the web.

Last year a report was published Center to Counter Digital Hate (CCDH), in which it analyzed more than 1 million posts on the site and found a dramatic increase in conversations about mass murder and a growing approval of sexually assaulting pre-teen girls.

“This is a extremist movement new and novel violent movement born in the Internet age, which challenges the usual characteristics of violent extremist movements that law enforcement and the intelligence community are often used to,” he said. Imran Ahmedfounder and executive director of the center, according to The Washington Post.

“Our study shows that this organization has a compelling ideology and has clearly concluded that raping women, killing women and raping children is a clear part of the practice of its ideology,” he added at the time.

According to a recent publication on the site of the American magazine Mother Jones, Kiwi Farms “harvests heartbreak. She thrives on pain and delights in death. Innocuously named forum users prey on the vulnerable and marginalized (transgender, neurodivergent, disabled, financially challenged) with persistent and twisted harassment campaigns.”

Such is the case of julie terryberrya young woman who in 2016 took her own life after being harassed by users of the site.

More than 1 million posts on Kiwi Farms and found a dramatic increase in conversations about mass murder
More than 1 million posts on Kiwi Farms and found a dramatic increase in conversations about mass murder ((Shutterstock)/)

When site members learned that 18-year-old Julie had learning disabilities and used the Internet to make friends, they organized to shut down her social media accounts while mocking her mental health issues.

Two years later, another notable case was that of Chloe Sagal, a trans girl who worked as a video game developer and fire was set in a public park.

The young woman, who was known for having created the game “Homesick”, He had been suffering from harassment for several years by Kiwi Farms users, after they discovered that he was running a campaign crowdfunding with the intention of raising money to change gender, but using another argument.

A friend of the girl said that when Sagal expressed suicidal thoughts, Kiwi Farms users sent her private messages urging her to do so.

The pressure motivated Sagal read a speech on mental health and later caught on fire, despite the fact that she was rescued, she died from severe burns.

Another similar case was that of David Ginder, an american boy which also developed video games in Japan. Website users relentlessly tormented for being non-binary.

“They have bullied, ridiculed and humiliated all my life”, Ginder explained in her suicide note that she posted on the web. “I could only tolerate it with severe depression when using 4chan (another similar website). But Kiwi Farms has made the harassment orders worse,” he expressed.

An illustration of the 4chan website (Shutterstock)

The most gloomy thing is that forum users celebrated Ginder’s suicide.

According to the CCHR report, forum members post about rape every 29 minutes, and more than 89 percent of those who post support rape.

CCHR’s analysis also found that more than a quarter of forum members have posted keywords related to pedophilia and more than half are these people support the sexual abuse of minors.

The report also cited content that reflected this abhorrent trend, noting that the majority of chat participants expressed their support.

“As incel, there is literally no reason to be against pedophilia,” wrote an anonymous user, according to The Washington Post.

Another thread started by a regular user who had posted over 7,000 times on the forum uploaded an image of a 12-year-old boy with the comment “who in their right mind would prefer a [mujer] from 22 years to this?

“Their speech analysis shows that this core group poses a clear and present danger to women and other young people, and reveals an emerging threat to our children,” the report says.

CCHR also found a growing interest in mass murder on the site. Posts mentioning mass killings by incels increased 59 percent between 2021 and 2022, according to the study.

The report also cited content that reflected the majority of Kiwi Farms participants' support for pedophilia (iStock)
The report also cited content that reflected the support of the majority of Kiwi Farms participants for pedophilia (iStock) (Getty Images / iStockphoto /)

The word “kill” was mentioned 1,181 times on the forum in just one month, which equates to once every 37 minutes. “Shoot” and “murder” are also popular words on the forum.

“After conducting this study, we have no doubt that this community of angry, belligerent and unapologetic men are dangerous to each other, with malignant social dynamics where they encourage each other to worse and worse extremes,” he says. The report. “Unchecked incel communities have the potential to become further radicalized.”

Users of the platform “were systematically trying to cause suicides,” he said jonah gerber to Mother Jones, an archivist in the video game industry who has been advocating for the closure of Kiwi Farms for more than a decade. “I was almost another, because I tried to commit suicide twice.”

Kiwi Farms became a trend on social networks and the media in August 2022, when Clara Sorrenti, a transgender girl who streamed on the Twitch platform, reported that a SWAT-type armed group broke into her home to frighten her

clara sorrenti twitch cover
The streamer, Clara Sorrenti. Washington Post (Hao Nguyen/)

Apparently, this is one of the favorite tactics of Kiwi Farms users and other serial stalkers, as published Mother Jones.

“The cops woke me up and I saw an assault rifle pointed at me,” Sorrenti said in a YouTube video. “I thought I was going to die”.

Before the incident that the streamer experienced, the victims of Kiwi Farms had not been as visible and many times they tried to defend themselves but with little success.

Thanks to Sorrenti, whose alias on the web is keffalshad a large number of followers on both Twitter and Twitch, the harassment suffered by the victims began to be seen.

Sorrenti created the #DropKiwiFarms campaign to demand the closure of the forum and the security provider Cloudflare to remove Kiwi Farms as a customer, effectively removing the platform from the website and inhibiting its ability to fully function.

Sorrenti’s followers ensured that every time she tweeted about the Kiwi Farms victims, or provided updates about the campaign, her posts garnered thousands of likes and retweets. Mother Jones.

But it seems the story of Kiwi Farms is far from over. Despite being taken down by Cloudflare, the forum can still be found on internet search engines and maintains a group of supporters trying to organize to bring the platform back.

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