What is Putin’s final plan: a trip to the thought of his intellectual mentor

Aleksandr Dugin, mentor of Vladimir Putin’s plan for Russia to become an empire again (Infobae)

When Vladimir Putin exposed to the world his idea that Ukraine did not exist as a sovereign country and that it was a construction that belonged to Russiamany who knew the labyrinths of his head knew that behind those concepts there was a mentor, a guru, that he had traced them with him. Someone who had given him the exact narrative that could act as an excuse to invade the democratic and increasingly independent neighboring country of Moscow and closest to Europe.

That guru is none other than Alexander Duginan intellectual, a “fascist prophet” as you call it David Von Drehle in his column Washington Post this Thursday. “The analysis comes directly from the works of a fascist prophet of the highest Russian empire named Aleksandr Dugin”, wrote the newspaper columnist from the North American capital.

Dugin’s intellectual influence on the Russian leader is well known to close scholars of the post-Soviet period., among whom the 60-year-old Dugin is sometimes referred to as “Putin’s brain.” His work is also familiar to the European ‘new right’, of which Dugin has been a leading figure for almost three decades, and to the American ‘alt-right’. In fact, the ex-wife of white nationalist leader Richard Spencer, of Russian origin, Nina Kouprianova, has translated part of Dugin’s work into English.“, Explain Von Drehle.

The North American columnist also explains that the influence of Dugin about the decisions of kremlin. Favorite Intellectual Putin has been influencing the policies of Moscow during the past 20 years. He is the one who created the necessary narratives so that the Russian head of state could solidify himself in power and, above all, hit the Western democracies with new ideas, whether they are from the left or the right, indistinctly.

A product of late Soviet decline, Dugin belongs to the long and dismal line of political theorists who invent a strong and glorious past – infused with mysticism and obedient to authority – to explain a failed present.”, points out the author who compares the black Russian monk with other intellectuals who dedicated their voices to declaim that “the future lies in reclaiming that past from the liberal, commercial and cosmopolitan present (often represented by the Jewish people)”. Thus he enumerates Julius Evolathe mad monk of Italian fascism; Charles Maurrasthe French nationalist reactionary; charles coughlin, the American radio host; and even “the author of a German book called Mein Kampf”.

Dugin tells essentially the same story from the Russian point of view.”, remarks Von Drehle. “Before modernity ruined everything, a spiritually motivated Russian people promised to unite Europe and Asia into one great empire, appropriately ruled by ethnic Russians. Unfortunately, a competing empire based on the sea of ​​corrupt and money-hungry individualists, led by the United States and Great Britain, frustrated Russia‘s destiny and sank ‘Eurasia’, its term for the future Russian empire.”, underlined the columnist of Washington Post.

A book of his authorship, published in 1997, begins this new era that captivated the geopolitical plan of Putin. He bears the pompous title: “The Basics of Geopolitics: The Geopolitical Future of Russia”. At, Dugin structures the whole plan that he has in his head and that he transferred to the man who listens to him in the kremlin. “Russian agents should foment racial, religious, and sectional divisions within the United States while promoting isolationist factions in that country. (Sound familiar?) In Britain, the psychological operations effort should focus on exacerbating historical rifts with continental Europe and separatist movements in Scotland, Wales and Ireland. Western Europe, meanwhile, should be drawn in Russia’s direction by the lure of natural resources: oil, gas and food. NATO would collapse from within”.

Putin has followed that advice to the letter., and he must have sensed things were going well when he saw rioters smashing windows in the halls of the US Congress, Britain’s Brexit from the European Union, and Germany‘s growing reliance on Russian natural gas. Because the undermining of the West is going so well, Putin has turned to the pages of Dugin’s text in which he declared: ‘Ukraine as an independent state with certain territorial ambitions represents a huge danger to all of Eurasia’ and ‘without resolving the Ukrainian problem, in In general, it makes no sense to talk about continental politics’”, highlighted Von Drehle.

The prominent columnist also wonders what could continue in the master plan of Putin -and of Dugin– once I had managed to annex Ukraine and get her away from Europe. “Dugin envisions a gradual division of Europe into zones of German and Russian influence, with Russia very much in control thanks to its eventual command of Germany’s resource needs. As Britain falls apart and Russia picks up the pieces, the Eurasian empire will ultimately stretch, in Dugin’s words, ‘from Dublin to Vladisvostok’”.

As important as it is for Western officials to take Dugin’s mystical megalomania seriously, it is just as urgent for Xi Jinping. Xi and Putin last month announced an alliance to reduce (the influence of) the United States. But according to Dugin, also China must fall. Russia’s ambitions in Asia will require ‘the territorial disintegration, the split and the political and administrative partition of the State [chino]’ Dugin writes. Russia’s natural partner in the Far East, according to Dugin, is Japan“, public The Post.

Lastly, he says: “In a sense, Dugin’s 600-page book can be boiled down to one idea: The wrong alliance won World War II. If Hitler hadn’t invaded Russia, Britain might have been undone. America would have stayed at home, isolationist and divided, and Japan would have ruled ancient China as Russia’s junior partner”. And he concludes about this plan: “Fascism from Ireland to the Pacific. Delirious? I hope so. But delusions become important when embraced by tyrants”.


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