What is the difference between screens for business use and televisions at home

Crystal UHD 4K TV

Currently televisions in commercial businesses, offices and waiting rooms are very common, however, many of the devices used for work differ in their characteristics from televisions found in homes.

The screens for business or corporate use are televisions that offer a greater range of functionalities and customization, but with a simple interface so that they are easy to use and program due to the speed of work days.

TVs for business usually have a better image quality being Ultra HD and with higher brightness levels since they were designed for all types of environments and brightness.

These devices generally incorporate safety accessories such as the typical security cords that are often seen behind televisions in waiting rooms. Other systems are locks to the power buttons and the USB port, some models even incorporate data protection pins to prevent individuals who are not part of the organization’s staff from manipulating the content that is projected.

Differences between commercial monitors and conventional televisions

The main characteristic of these commercial screens compared to televisions for domestic use, it is the intensive use with which they were created. Getting to stay on for up to 24 hours in some models.

Likewise, the televisions that have been designed for business use can be classified according to the function they fulfill, there are those that are specifically intended for offices because they allow interactive and tactile use, being ideal for slide presentations, infographics and reports.

On the contrary, televisions for outdoor use have a more resistant body, are waterproof and withstand inclement weather, and their brightness levels are very high.

The variety of sizes is another characteristic of televisions for business use, offering screens on the market that range from 43 to 75 inches.

However, it is necessary to evaluate the real need that a specific company could have to acquire a screen for commercial use, since there are many businesses that do not use this type of television, but rather adapt additional devices that it provides. a greater variety of functions.

For example, televisions that do not have connectivity are installed with adapters that allow the device to connect to a WIFI network, such as Android TV Box, Airplay or Chromecast, and give access to streaming and video platforms such as NETFLIX or YouTube.


Currently, there are several brands developing televisions or monitors for corporate or commercial use, one of them is Samsung with the Business TV television.

These allow to be managed remotely from the cell phone through the “Business app” application available for Android and IOS, which allows content to be programmed quickly.

Although these Samsung televisions barely allow continuous use of up to 16 hours, the brand suggests that they can improve the productivity of workers in commercial premises, since these devices come with 100 built-in templates for quick graphic designs through the mobile application and be immediately projected.


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