What is the inheritance that Andrés García left to his son Leonardo, the actor who was evicted in Polanco?

Leonardo García was evicted from the apartment he lived in in Polanco.


The actor Leonardo García was evicted from his apartment in Polanco, accused of a debt of five million pesos; This news made many people wonder if Andrés García, his father, did not leave him an inheritance.

It was through their social networks that Leonardo García denounced the “violent” irruption of approximately 15 police officers and an actuary, while ensuring that he will take legal action by ensuring that he was a victim of real estate fraud.

Later, Leonardo García assured that The payment for that luxurious apartment meant 30 years of workwhich were lost with the eviction and, according to the actor, he covered 65% of the value of the apartment, money that in the end the real estate agency was awarded as a “rental concept.”

“I paid more than half and they abandoned us. This seems like a form of fraud.e, a deception because they manage things from below. They didn’t give it to me, I worked for it. “I am stunned, I am helpless,” declared Leonardo García.


This whole topic made Internet users remember the death of Leonardo’s popular father: the actor Andrés Garcíawho died on April 4, 2023 at age 81. The testament of “God’s Consent” was the subject of speculation and controversy until, finally, it was made known.

There were many people who asked themselves on social networks, upon learning of this recent eviction, If Leonardo had been included in Andrés García’s will, and how much money his father had left him, who he amassed throughout his life a fortune of more than 10 million dollars.

How much did Andrés García inherit from Leonardo, his son? The answer is nothing, and the veteran actor He only contemplated four people in the distribution of his assets and excluded both Leonardo García and his sister Andrea from it.

Andrés García left, as his last will, distribute his fortune in equal parts between his widow, Margarita Portillo; her son, Andrés Portillo, and her son Andrés García Jr., as well as Rosa María García, her sister.

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