What is the state of Toño Mauri’s health after contracting bacteria in his lungs?

Antonio Mauri has had health problems since receiving the double lung transplant.


The Mexican actor, Toño Mauri, worried his fans after revealing that a bacteria was detected in his transplanted lungs. Likewise, he talked about his current state of health and shared how difficult these moments have been for him.

How is Toño Mauri feeling?

During an interview for the program ‘the sun rises‘The Mexican gave more details of his diagnosis. He commented that in the check-ups with his doctor, a aggressive bacteria that is present in contaminated water.

Behind the bacteria detection, Toño Mauri He entered into a tough treatment that will last 50 days: “I ask God to give me the strength to finish it because it is really difficult. It’s strange,” he revealed.

The actor also pointed out that said bacteria He has had it present in his body since the procedure was performed. lung transplant: “It causes a lot of discomfort. That bacteria hit me since the transplant and it stayed there, the good thing is that we detected it in an exam (…) It is an aggressive bacteria and causes abscesses in the lungs or pneumonia. The doctor preferred that I take the treatment, they put a catheter under the skin that goes directly to the heart and the heart distributes throughout the body,” he said.

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In 2020, actor Antonio Mauri received a lung transplant

The 59-year-old actor in 2020 was one of the people who contracted the disease. Covid-19. This caused major health complications and for this reason he was hospitalized for around eight months. Likewise, he required a double lung transplant. Since then, Mauri is under medical observation. Years later, the Mexican has had health problems, such as this bacteria in his lungs that was just diagnosed a few days ago.

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