What is the striking relationship that Alex Marín has with his girlfriends?

Alex Marin has shared all the details about his polyamorous relationship.

(Instagram @alexmarinmex)

Despite the pain that Alex Marín feels about his divorce from Mía, he says that the show must continue and is now looking for 3 more girlfriends

Alex Marín, the controversial producer of adult contenthas caused a stir on social networks after announce his divorce from Mía Marín, who was his only wife for 12 years in a polyamorous relationship that included 6 other girlfriends. He also reported on the end of his relationship with Yamileth Ramírez and Giselle, leaving him with 4 girlfriends.

It was through Facebook that the producer explained the details that led to his separation from Mia and at the end of their relationships.

However, he tried to maintain a positive attitude and emphasized that the shows scheduled for the following dates will continue as planned.

This type of relationship has generated doubts on social networks about the viability of maintaining romances with several women or men.

Alex Marín girlfriends

The type of relationship that Alex Marín has with his girlfriends is known as polyamory.

(Instagram @alexmarinmex)

Polyamory or polygamy? The type of relationship that Alex Marín has with his girlfriends

Alex Marín maintains a polyamorous relationship with several women. Before his divorce with his only wife, the producer had 6 more girlfriends, adding a total of 7 romances. According to the influencer, he loves all of them from the heart.

In a video posted hours after his breakup with Mía, he confirmed that he currently has 4 girlfriends, but is looking for another 3.

Alex Marín’s girlfriends are:

  • Melissa
  • Monserrat
  • Sinai
  • Sofia.

He explained that he has a relationship with each of them and loves them equally.

According to ‘Psychology Today’, Polyamory is a type of relationship also known as consensual non-monogamy, which is characterized by having multiple intimate relationshipswhether sexual or romantic, with the knowledge of all parties involved.

It is sometimes confused with polygamy, which implies being married to several people of the same sex and which is common in some cultures.

“Legally, polyamory is not recognized as a sexual orientation. But the question of whether it should be is a topic of much debate, even among those who practice polyamory. Without a doubt, many people in consensual non-monogamous relationships believe that it is their orientation and the core of who they are,” they explain.

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