What is the white stone and what is it for?

White stone has become one of the ecological cleaning products preferred by users. The reason? It is safe and multi-purpose. Find out what it’s for

White stone is a cleaning product that is obtained from 100% organic ingredients.

It has no odor, it has abrasive properties, which makes it possible to clean a wide variety of surfaces in the home.

In fact, it is used to remove dirt, degrease and polish without making much effort.

It is itself made up of white clay, baking soda, water, vegetable glycerin, and sometimes soap. A light application is enough to obtain noticeable results during housework. Hence, it is a trending product.

In addition to all this, it is an ecological solution to replace aggressive chemicals during

Where to clean with white stone?

To go into detail, the surfaces that can be cleaned with white stone are the following:

  • Toilet bowl or toilet, as well as the bathtub.
  • Kitchen, bathroom or swimming pool tiles.
  • Rust and mold in faucet parts.
  • Window panes.
  • Plastic garden furniture.
  • Appliances, such as microwave and toaster.
  • Grease in the oven and kitchen hood.
  • Joints on the walls.
  • enameled surfaces.
  • Resin, PVC or acrylic.
  • Bottom of pans and pots.
  • Metals (including silver and stainless steel).
  • Gum of sports shoes.
  • Degreaser in vehicle parts.