What is YosStop’s greatest wish since jail

The influencer shared a new message from jail (Photo: IG justyoss)

The influencer Yoseline hoffman, better known as YosStop, has been residing in the Santa Martha Acatitla prison for some time and, on this occasion, she went to her followers to talk to them what things you want out of your life outside of bars.

It was from Instagram, where the couple of the youtuber, Gerardo González, shared a wide message about his most recent visit to the prison.

“There is an obligatory question that I always ask Yoss the day before I go to visit her: ¿What do you need? And Is he tells them what his answer is, ”Gerardo began to write.

He also cited a text that Yoseline sent from jail:

“Today Gerito asked me, as always:” What else do you need? ” My answer was: My freedom! And he replied: “Something that I can buy in the supermarket or in the market!”, Joked the influencer.

In addition, she remembered the moments she used to spend with her boyfriend when she was not confined and how she longed for that daily life.

“Family, friends and followers, every night I dream that I am already away or I am sleeping next to Gerardo. When we slept together I would throw my leg over him, it was my way of hugging him and feeling that he was there. Sometimes he was gone, he had already woken up, but when he was there he gave me a lot of peace although perhaps he felt it like a kick, “he said.

YosStop assured that he is losing his sight in jail
the influencer is in Santa Martha (Photo: Instagram / @ justyoss)

But as a twist on her story, she said that she is currently, from time to time, making the same movement during the nights, but only to realize that she is alone.

Now while I sleep, I throw my leg up to “hug him” and he crashes against the bricks and in seconds I return to this reality, so I try to go back to sleep and go back to where I was in my dream. My conscious and unconscious are eagerly awaiting the moment when this is all over, ”Yosstop said.

What I need? I need peace, peace for me and my family, for this nightmare to end so that I can continue with my life purposes that I will tell you about everything I have been preparing, just thinking about it makes me emotional, but when I turn around and see the bricks, It is frustrating. I have left many mental prisons, MANY !, and I lack others … Like the one I find myself in physically

After this new publication, the Internet users did not take long to react and sent messages of support to the youtuber.

YosStop shared an image through social networks Photo: Instagram / @ justyoss
YosStop shared an image through social networks Photo: Instagram / @ justyoss

“We love you beautiful !!! I hope I finish this and you are free and continue with your plans! You have a lot to teach us and to live! Much strength! “,”I think you will come out stronger and to improve your projects they will take you higher. Just don’t fall into the same mistakes too hard ”, are some of the mentions that can be read.

It should be remembered that Yosstop has been held in the Santa Martha Acatitla penitentiary since the last four months, when she was apprehended at her home in the Narvarte neighborhood, in Mexico City.

The influencer was charged with crimes against minors, specifically by possession of sensitive content that harms Ainara Suárez, who legally denounced her for it.

Of his life in prison, where he will have to continue until the authorities continue to consider the case, the youtuber has shared some messages with his followers, To those who through her Instagram account she has shown what she does inside the prison: she has read reflection books that have helped her in these difficult moments and has lived with the inmates knowing other life stories.


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