What Libertad Palomo said to his famous wife when he found her dressed as a woman

That Armando Palomo admitted that her gender identity was that of a woman and now we know her as Libertad Palomo, has nothing to do with her sexual orientation, which is why she has always had women as partners. The late actress Margarita Isabel was her wife, and she discovered her dressed in her clothes.

This was recently told in an interview with Gustavo Adolfo Infante for the program ‘The minute that changed my destiny’. She there she remembered that since she was a child she knew that she liked to dress as a woman. “At a very young age, I used to wear dresses when I was 4 years old because I liked them, I liked to wear my sister’s dresses, who was a year older, and when they surprised me they gave me a beating.”

He explained that he denied his true gender identity, so he dedicated himself to having a masculine body to prevent feminine clothes from fitting. “I said ‘a dress will never fit me’, I was denying myself; as I always denied it, as I never wanted to accept it, that feeling of needing to do it haunted me.”

At the same time, he met the actress Margarita Isabel, with whom he was married and had a relationship for almost 13 years. However, her need to be herself persisted, but she knew that she would have a painful cost because she could lose her job and her family… “who hurt me the most was precisely Margarita and my parents”.

Without the possibility of avoiding being herself, one day Margarita Isabel found her dressed in her clothes.

“Margarita never knew until a situation occurred where she found me very happy putting on a wig… she went to make a movie and I couldn’t find a shirt that I really liked… I go and open Margarita’s closet and then it’s like a child you leave it in a candy store full of cakes, you said ‘what dresses!’ Besides, you know that Margarita was a very pretty lady, very sensual, very pretty in the way she dressed, and when I saw those dresses I said, ‘what if I wear one?’… I didn’t find anything that fit me until I found a wide skirt , I find a wig, I put it on, a watery blouse, I half put on makeup”.

It was then that his wife found her in the living room, so Libertad hid in the bathroom “and then a tragedy arose because Margarita thought I was with another girl, so she told me, ‘Open the door for me and take out the old fat that you have in there’. And I tell her, ‘you just ruined a surprise I had for you, I was going to throw you a party with characters from Elizabeth of England, I was going to dress up as (Queen) Elizabeth’. You don’t know , my face fell with shame and that was so strong for me that I said, ‘I can’t hurt my partner, I will never do it again in my life.’ That was what determined me never to do it.”

However, the truth came to light sooner or later, and he said that years later he explained to Margarita Isabel what really happened. “She was very surprised and told me, ‘give it up, it’s a matter of willpower,’ I told her, ‘don’t look, willpower is giving up cigarettes. Right now it’s the last cigarette you’re going to see me smoke, that’s willpower but willpower does not mean to stop being who you are and I am very bad, if I do not fix this situation right now I do not know what will happen to me'”.

The rest is history. With the play ‘Aventurera’, Armando Palomo could be seen publicly as ‘La Bugambilia’, and later admitted that he was actually Libertad Palomo. She currently has a wife and recently reappeared publicly due to a neighborhood scandal.

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