What songs did ‘Boquitas Pinturas’ play, Gloria Trevi’s group that revived with ‘Ellas soy yo’?

Gloria Trevi got her start in music with the group “Boquitas Pinturas”.


They are me”, the Gloria Trevi bioseries that premiered a few days ago with great success both in streaming (ViX) and on open television, has offered the public in detail aspects of the singer’s life that until now remained unknown; among them, the formation of the band “Boquitas Pinturas” by Sergio Andrade.

In “They are me”, it is revealed, for example, that Sergio Andrade’s plans included forming a successful boy band like “Menudo”, although made up only of women. This group brought fame to Gloria Trevi and four other young girls: Mary Boquitas, Claudia Rosas, Pilar Ramírez and Mónica Murr.

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According to “They are me”, It was the musician Ricky Luis who suggested to Sergio Andrade that he include Gloria Trevi in ​​“Boquitas Pinturas”; and although the then young woman knew how to sing, she did not play any instrument. That’s where Gloria’s ordeal began, because Sergio Andrade taught her to play the piano amid cruel demandsbecause I had it rehearsing for hours.


“Painted Boquitas,” which in the bioseries changed its name to “Wild Strawberries,” had his national debut on the most popular television program at that time: “Siempre en Domingo”, driven by Raúl Velasco.

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Although the existence of “Boquitas Pinturas” was fleeting, some of the band’s songs remained to be remembered, among which “Amor cavernícola” stands out in particular, for having been composed by the same band. Gloria Trevi.

On YouTube there are videos where, in addition to seeing Gloria Trevi with her beginnings in “Painted mouths”, We can remember the band’s songs, such as the following:

  • “I can not forget it”
  • “I want to come back to you”
  • “Caveman Love”
  • “These days”
  • “In love all is valid”