What the Prime Minister of Finland said about the video in which she appears dancing at parties

The Prime Minister of Finland, Sanna Marin said Thursday that it bothered her that videos of her dancing at parties that were private were published on the Internetsince they were meant to be seen only by friends.

Marin, 36, spoke after it was spread on social networks and in Finnish media outlets on Wednesday. a two-minute video in which he appeared singing and dancing with well-known influencers and local artists.

The clips were originally posted on a private Instagram account. Marin, who became the world’s youngest government leader in December 2019, said she knew she was being filmed but never thought the videos would be made public.

Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin (Matias Honkamaa/REUTERS) (LEHTIKUVA/)

“These videos are private and are filmed in a private space. It bothers me that they have been released to the public.”Marin told reporters, adding that I didn’t know who had leaked them.

Many Finns have expressed their I support the young leader for combining her private life with a highly responsible career. However, the newspaper Helsingin Sanomat he said the episode raised questions about his judgment.

“Marin may have acted in good faith, but she shouldn’t be so gullible”wrote the newspaper in an editorial.

They filter video of parties of the premiere of Finland
Images from the leaked video of Finland’s Prime Minister Sanna Marin

“The prime minister can, in a delicate situation, put information warfare weapons in the hands of those who want to harm Finland”, the newspaper said.

Marin said the video was a compilation of clips from two different occasions a few weeks ago and that people at the events used alcohol, but no one did drugsto the best of your knowledge.

“Single we had fun, also in a boisterous way. I danced and sangMarin said, denying the claim that the videos had been a publicity stunt less than a year before the next general election.

then to the station YleI declare that he hopes that people understand that it is his free time and noted: “We live in a democracy.”

They filter video of parties of the premiere of Finland
Images from the leaked video of Sanna Marin

In January, Marin had told the agency Reuters that she and her fellow junior ministers had been subjected to numerous hate speeches about their gender and appearance while in office.

Last year she was forced to apologize for partying at 4 in the morning despite having been in contact with a minister who tested positive for COVID. On that occasion, she alleged that she had been told that she did not need to isolate herself because she was vaccinated, but he acknowledged that he did not read a message that recommended him to isolate himself, excusing himself for having left his work phone.

Marin, speaking to the press (Matias Honkamaa/ REUTERS)
Marin, speaking to the press (Matias Honkamaa/ REUTERS) (LEHTIKUVA/)

A few days ago, the German newspaper bild rated it as the “coolest politician in the world”, pointing to her popularity among millennials in times of tension over the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Marina has been a open critic of Putin since the beginning of the war and led, together with his Swedish counterpart, Magdalena Andersson, the path for the two neutral countries to enter NATOa historic decision.

This week, Marin also announced that Finland would reduce tourist visas for Russians to just 10% of their current amount.

Chosen by the BBC and the magazine Forbes between the 100 most influential and powerful women in the world, Marin has had a brilliant political career.

(With information from Reuters)

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