What was the accident at the house of Amparín Serrano that cost him his life

Amparo Serrano is considered one of the most iconic graphic designers in Mexico, her designs followed by children and young people united art and innocence. Artistic and altruistic, Ella Amparo was president of her own foundation, where each year she delivered hundreds of toys to children with health and economic needs.

With his Distroller brand, he reinvented the image of the Virgin of Guadalupe and brought it closer to Mexican girls, turning phrases and vectors into a fashion that was not temporary. Her artistic vein led her to be a member of the group Flans in its origins, and later she formed the duet Media luna.

Amparín, as she liked to call herself, was the daughter of Amparo Espinosa Rugarcía and Julio Serrano, two lovers of Mexican art and charitable causes.

According to versions close to the businesswoman, Amparín had an accident at home, while she was in a high part of her living room, the one that she did as a way and that became the central part of the property located in Álvaro Obregón and was admitted to the hospital from where she did not come forward.

His daughters, actress, Minnie West; and the illustration artist, Camila West, fired Amparín with heartfelt messages through their Instagram accounts.

“You were the rainbow that filled life with color, from now on life will be completely gray. I love you more than anyone and you are immortal because you live in me and in everything I do, which I will always dedicate everything to you, ”Minnie wrote as part of her message.

“How could you go like this, you had so much ahead of you, I don’t understand the protocol of this life and less without you, you were my guide, my problem sucker, my best friend, my idol, my whole world in one person, my dear mom I have no words or strength to write how much I’m going to miss you,” Camila said. The businesswoman is survived, in addition to her daughters, by her granddaughter Manola Jiménez and her ex-husband, the successful businessman David West.