What was the most listened to on Apple Music this 2022

Apple Music Replay 2022. (photo: Apple)

This year, subscribers to the music streaming service of Manzana They can also have their own Spotify Wrapped. The Cupertino company has redesigned the so-called Apple Music Replay 2022which allows you to know in detail the most played artists, albums, songs and playlists in recent months.

The new design offers a much more intuitive visualization and includes other interesting functions, such as the possibility of sharing on social networks the most listened to during the year. Infobae will mention everything it has to offer and how to obtain this long-awaited summary.

What Apple Music Replay 2022 shows

One of the main novelties of Apple Music Replay 2022 is the possibility of seeing a summary of the most listened to songs in the form of songs similar to those of instagram or included in Spotify Wrapped by Spotify.

In this case, Apple’s platform first shows an introduction to the yearly summary and continues with several pages that highlight the number of minutes played and the most listened to songs, artists, genres and albums. In addition to the possibility of saving these stories as an image to share on social networks.

Apple Music Replay of 2022, on the other hand, excels at automatically creating a playlist that the user can save to their collection. Shows the 100 most played songs of the year. The summary also shows a detailed description of the total number of plays for songs, artists, albums and more. And as a novelty, there is a more visually attractive preview of several top 5 songs, artists, albums, etc.

Finally, the Apple Music year roundup has a list view with all 10 songs, artists, albums, playlists, and stations. radio. Again, by number of plays or minutes listened to.

Apple Music Replay 2022. (photo: Apple)
Apple Music Replay 2022. (photo: Apple)

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How to Get an Apple Music Summary in the Style of Spotify Wrapped

Apple Music Replay 2022 is actually a section available on the Apple Music website. Therefore, users who wish to consult the summary must do so from Safari or any other browser available in iphone either iPad, as well as in the desktop version; although you cannot share Stories in this last variant. In any case, if the reader is an Apple Music subscriber, they must:

– First, you have to go to this website and log in with Apple ID.

– Once the permissions have been accepted, click on Resume your highlight reel to see the summary.

– Or, scroll down for a closer preview of the most played songs of 2022.

– At the bottom of the page, a playlist with the most played songs can also be added to the library.

Apple Music Replay 2022. (photo: Apple)
Apple Music Replay 2022. (photo: Apple)

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How to use the Karaoke feature in Apple Music

1. Enter the application and search for the song you want to listen to.

2. Then to see the lyrics in Karaoke, lift the tab where the lyrics are shown. red oval in the image below:

Apple Music.  (photo: Composition/Jose Arana)
Apple Music. (photo: Composition/Jose Arana) (josearana63/)

2. When you lift the tab, you will see the lyrics of the song and you can sing it to the rhythm of the music in Karaoke.

4. It is important to know that it is possible to download music that has been added from the music catalog to the device. Apple Music or that has been bought in iTunes Store to listen to it without mobile data.

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