What was the nickname that José Ramón Fernández invented to address Televisa

José Ramón Fernández competed for many years against Televisa (Capture YouTube ESPN)

The passage of Jose Ramon Fernandez On the television station in Ajusco he marked a legacy in sports journalism as he innovated in different aspects. Since the creation of The protagonists to comedic segments for entertainment. But one of the things that most forged his legacy in Aztec TV was the arduous rivalry with Televisa.

Before the creation of TUDN, televised sports it was the section they competed against. As the sports director of Ajusco, Joserra designed different strategies to compete with the commentators of the other television stations and even invented a nickname to refer to them.

Recently in an interview for the YouTube channel of Antonio de Valdés, Juan Pablo Fernandez, son of José Ramón, told some of the sports journalist’s secrets and recalled the “fight” that took place in the company.

The Protagonists José Ramón Fernández fight Televisa Atenas 2004
José Ramón Fernández acknowledged that due to a comment he was about to unleash a fight against the Televisa team (Photo: special)

In one of Juan Pablo’s first Olympic Games coverage, he traveled with his father to Athens 2004 and saw one of the most tense engagements between Televisa and Aztec TV, then Joserra he had to hide in the bathrooms so as not to start a fist fight.

From then on, the competition was not only based on improving the rating of the television, but in a enmity that forced the entire team Aztec Sports not to talk to the commentators on the other channel. Although at sporting events they met, by orders of José Ramón and different executives of Aztec TV they couldn’t relate to the competition.

The way that Jose Ramon Fernandez he was addressing the team of televised sports it was with the word “The televisions”Everybody who wanted to refer to them or what they were doing in their programs used that phrase. Juan Pablo recalled how his father had them limited in Aztec Sports In order not to make friends with them, he even classified it as a tense and stressful situation.

Juan Pablo Fernández - Son José Ramón Fernández
Juan Pablo Fernández revealed some of his father’s secrets when he worked at TV Azteca (Photo: YouTube / @ Toño de Valdés)

“Before it was a lot of: ‘Don’t say hello to televisions,'” he commented.

With the departure of José Ramón de Aztec TV After more than 30 years serving them, Juan Pablo recognizes that over time they made fun of the way his father ran the channel and to what limits he reached to “hate” those of Televisa.

Right now we shit with laughter but Before it was like this, ‘don’t greet them, don’t see them’. The experience came to a ridiculous thing. They were things like weird, no, no, coronavirus is going to happen to you. But right now we laughed, but they were super tense moments“Said Juan Pablo Fernández.

José Ramón Fernández in one of his offices on TV Azteca (Photo: Youtube / Engarzadas Stories)
José Ramón Fernández in one of his offices on TV Azteca (Photo: Youtube / Engarzadas Stories)

The rating and the responsibility that carried Joserra in the productive direction of the section he caused his style to be one of arduous rivalry and seriousness in his profession. The 2004 Athens Olympics had different impacts on the canal. In the same interview with Toño de Valdés, he told how a producer from the company demanded better coverage numbers from them.

“It happened to me sometime in Athens and there they broke our noses; the rating, the rating, My dad with the pressure of the program, imagine. Once they brought him a hyperbaric bed to rest“Said Juan Pablo.

In 2006, Joserra decided to leave the television that gave him the space to create television projects. After a series of rumors of betrayals and deceptions starring André Marin, left the canal and reached ESPN, company where he currently works and continues to appear in programs such as Chronometer or Spicy Soccer.


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