What was the route that the Three Wise Men took to reach the birth of Jesus?

  • The three known people traveled from the Middle East to reach the manger where Jesus was found.

The excitement that is felt as we get closer and closer to the date on which the Three Wise Men arrive, many wonder what route they had to travel to reach the birth of Jesus on January 6.

You should know that all this is based on the Christian faith and there are many studies that have contributed to this journey being true even though it happened more than 2 thousand years before these times.

Don’t forget that to ask the Three Wise Men for something you only need to believe in the magic of this tradition, as well as send your letter immediately before this predetermined date.

What was the route that the Three Wise Men took?
According to the Old Testament, there is a text that talks about the origins of the three entities and precisely, it is the prophet Isaiah who could speak of the point at which these figures began their journey, which are commemorated on January 6 and which They are so relevant to Christianity.

The fragment where they are talked about is the following:
“All the inhabitants of Sheba will come, and will bring with them gold and incense, and will proclaim the salvation of the Lord.”
However, it does not clearly show the place of origin as well as the destination since they left, although it is well known that everything began in the Middle East.

Experts have recreated the journey of the Three Wise Men
Since the route that the Three Wise Men took is completely unknown, many geography experts as well as theologians have visited some important points to know if the accuracy of the distance matches the days that the three wise men are supposed to have been in the desert following the Star. of Bethlehem.

However, there are those who believe that ancient Babylon, one of the most important cities of antiquity, is the point from which the Three Wise Men began their journey.

What cities could they have passed through?
Some of the cities that the Three Wise Men may have visited before they arrived with Jesus are the following:

  • Damascus
  • Jerusalem
  • Iraq
  • Syria
  • Lebanon
  • Palestine