What will happen to Silvia Pinal’s will after the death of her executor, Tina Galindo

Tina Galindo was Silvia Pinal’s executor.


María Elena Galindo revealed that Mrs. Silvia Pinal was such a friend of her sister, Tina Galindo, that she made her her executor.

Maria Elena Galindo shared with the media that the mother of Alejandra Guzman is not aware of the death of the renowned theater producer Tina Galindo due to respiratory arrestdue to the health condition of the ‘Diva of the Golden Age of Mexican cinema’.

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“I haven’t told her because she is very delicate and I don’t like being exposed. They loved each other very much, so much that she was Doña Silvia’s executor.“Because of the trust I had in her, I know that I can’t tell Silvia right now.”

What will happen to Silvia Pinal’s will, will she modify it?

In an interview for ‘Ventaneando’, Efigenia Ramos, personal assistant of Silvia Pinal, confirmed that they still have not told the first actress of the death of Tina Galindo.

“She loved each other very much, Mrs. Tina was a great person, this shook us here at home, we have to tell her, so that she can pray to her a little, also because she watches TV, yesterday they passed a note, we changed her, but he caught sight of Mrs. Tina and asked: ‘What did they say about Tina?’ We cannot have it completely isolated from things.”

“We don’t know (regarding that Tina Galindo She was the executor of Silvia Pinal’s willWe are totally unaware of that… She is much better (in health, Doña Silvia), she is doing very well, we are very happy, because I see her getting better and better in every way,” added ‘Efi’.

What is an executor and what are their obligations?

According to various legal portals, The executor of the will is the person whom the author of the will appoints as the executor of his will in the terms requested in the document.; will be the person who verifies that all assets pass into the hands of whoever was stated in said will, which is why it is important to evaluate thatThe person to whom you will entrust this task is the appropriate one to fulfill your last will.. In the event that the executor dies, the heirs must assume compliance with the will of the deceased or the author must appoint another executor to carry out what is stipulated in his will.

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