What you should connect first when charging your cell phone

Correct operation can be crucial to avoid spending on a new charger

Are you one of the people who has the doubt of knowing which to connect first, the charger or the cell phone? Well, we will answer what is the correct way to carry out this action. And charging mobile phones is already part of the daily routine and is even a source of concern, because you have to be aware of it to avoid being disconnected from your cell phone.

Do not forget that you must take care of which one comes first, since you need to know that some bad practice may be the reason for deterioration.

How does the charger work?

The charger is one of the most important accessories for all people who have a mobile device. And, without exaggeration, without the charger there is no other chance for the cell phone to be functional. Which in turn, means that chargers often begin to fail if they are not treated correctly.

What connects first?

Some people advocate the idea of ​​first connecting the charger to the power source before doing the same with the device. They argue that in this way the initial stress of the battery is reduced by preventing the flow of energy from being transmitted suddenly.

In addition, they ensure that this practice prolongs the useful life of the battery and also helps to maintain its optimal performance over time.

On the other hand, there are also people who strive to ensure that modern devices are designed to efficiently manage incoming energy.

Proponents of this position say that current batteries are equipped with energy management systems that minimize any negative impacts. Now, there is no concrete answer as to which one should be connected first, however, we advise you to do it your way as long as you are aware that these chargers as well as the phone’s battery can start to fail.

Don’t forget that you should always keep both your device and the charger in good condition so that it is optimally charged and you don’t have to make an extra expense for any accessories.