What you should know about ‘El niñero’, the Netflix series starring Sandra Echeverría and Iván Amozurrutia

The new Netflix comedy, ‘The Babysitter’, has been a success on the platform.


Netflix has released a new hit on his platform called ‘The babysitter‘. It is a romantic series starring Sandra Echeverría and Iván Amozurrutia. Created by Carolina Riverathis new production is one of the great bets of Netlfix for this Christmas. The series just premiered on December 24.

What is this new Netflix series about?

The new production of the largest streaming platform tells the story of Jimena, a female executive who is in the process of separating from her husband. She has to deal with household chores, but she decides to hire Gabya man who will serve as babysitter who, unexpectedly, turns out to be the best babysitter for your children.

The series promises to be a perfect comedy to share with your family during these holidays, because in addition to having a good time you will see a motivational message.

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Will ‘The Babysitter’ have a second season?

After the premiere of the new Netflix series, many began to watch it and were fascinated by its plot. However, due to the great success it had, there were quickly fans of the miniseries who saw it in its entirety and are wondering if there will be a second season.

It should be noted that it is too early to know if this series will be renewed for another season, since it has just premiered. However, fans were left wondering if the love story that Gabriel and Jimena live to be continue.

To date there is no information about the second seasonbut what we do know is that the same series leaves the doors open for a renewal, since topics that we should have seen were not touched on, such as Jimena in her position as president. Maybe for the second season we will see this topic in more depth, but for now we will have to wait for Netflix Share with us what the future of the series is.

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