What’s going on with IU and the plagiarism accusations?

  • The singer is at the center of a media storm due to accusations of plagiarism and espionage against her

They shared flyers accusing IU of being a North Korean spy and selling information to North Korea. In addition, the Seoul police have received a complaint filed against the artist for violation of copyright law.

Reports indicate that police are investigating a complaint filed against IU for violation of copyright law in relation to IU’s songs including “The red shoes”, “Good Day”, “BBIBBI”, “pitiful”, “ Boo” and “Celebrity.”

Haters have also spread malicious rumors about IU, including accusations of spying and conspiring with North Korea and China to overthrow the South Korean government.

Meanwhile, IU and her team have publicly denied the allegations of espionage and conspiracy, denouncing that they are completely false.

IU’s company is called EDAM Entertainment.

It was founded in 2018 and specializes in artist management and entertainment content production. In addition to IU, EDAM Entertainment represents other popular South Korean artists such as Baek Yerin, Sole, and Jukjae.