What’s new for Instagram and Facebook: Increased time to post Reels and more changes

Instagram Logo. (photo: ThirteenBits)

Goalthe parent company of Instagram Y Facebook, just announced new creative tools for Reels for both social networks mentioned.

In total there are eight novelties presented this morning, whose objective will be facilitate the creation, editing, programming of reels and reach new audiences on both social networks with this type of content that imitates the videos that he popularized TikTok.

These are the news that Meta has presented and that will reach all Facebook and Instagram users, to facilitate the creation of their Reels, in the coming weeks:

Reels updates on Instagram

– Reels up to 90 seconds

Reels can now last up to 90 seconds on Instagram, giving creators even more time to express themselves creatively.

– Story stickers come to Reels

Meta will bring some of your favorite stickers from Instagram Stories to Reels, like Poll, Quiz, and Sliding Emoji.

Instagram sliding emoji.  (photo: Adweek)
Instagram sliding emoji. (photo: Adweek)

– Now you can import your own audio

You can now also import your own audio directly into Reels on Instagram, a game changer for creating original Reels, at any time.

– Users can be inspired by Reels templates

Templates allow people to quickly and easily create their own Reel using the same structure as one that has been seen.

When you want to recreate a Reel you have seen, touch ‘Use template’ to insert the audio stream and clips. You can also customize the video with own content by adding and editing clips.

Reels updates on Facebook and Instagram.  (photo: Goal)
Reels updates on Facebook and Instagram. (photo: Goal)

Reel Updates on Facebook

– Create and schedule Reels on the desktop

In addition to creating Reels in iOS Y Androidnow you can also edit, publish and schedule Reels on Facebook from a Web navigator via CreationStudio.

Update on Facebook and Instagram.  (photo: Goal)
Update on Facebook and Instagram. (photo: Goal)

– Video edition

This feature will allow you to cut snippets from long-form videos that have already been posted and edit them to fit perfectly into a Facebook Reel.

For video creators gamesis also launching editing tools that allow you to create Reels directly from the live stream.

– New audio tools

The voice overlay feature has come to Facebook Reels, allowing you to narrate videos.

The company will also launch SoundSync, that automatically syncs a video to the beat of a favorite song. In addition, the text-to-speech function can be used to convert written text into audio narration.

Update on Facebook and Instagram.  (photo: Goal)
Update on Facebook and Instagram. (photo: Goal)

– Users can get discovered and reach more audiences

The Suggested Reels feature will make it easy for people around the world to discover your Reels on Facebook. On Facebook Watch, Reels are also expanding globally so people can find Reels in Feed, Groups, and Watch.

On Instagram, creators also have the option to recommend your Reels on Facebook to expand reach and find new audiences.

As a general best practice, creators should focus on creating original content, as this type of content is prioritized on surfaces where Reels are recommended. (and this goes for both Facebook and Instagram).

So you can download Instagram Reels in video format with SSSGram

If you want to get a complete video of a Reel, this process is indicated:

1. Go to Instagram and search for the Reel you want to download, or you can also browse the social network feed until you find the perfect post.

2. Touch the three points to open the video options. Now you have to copy the video link.

Download Reels.  (photo: Instagram)
Download Reels. (photo: Instagram)

3. Open your browser and go to SSSGram. Paste the link in the central bar of the platform and press the button Discharge.

Download Instagram Reels.  (photo: SSSGram)
Download Instagram Reels. (photo: SSSGram)

4. You will see the Reel on the web and next to it are the available options. Select MP4 to download the Reel in video format.

5. Completing the previous step, a window will open where you can choose where to save the file. Once this action is complete, the download will begin.


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