What’s new in Google Voice: now you can voice unwanted contacts and more

Google Voice allows you to apply rules for contacts (Photo: Europa Press) (Noelia Murillo /)

Google pulled new Google Voice options which will now allow the user to establish their own rules to answer the incoming calls from specific contacts.

Yes OK Google voice has a function of call forwarding, the new options allow you to customize it more, such as automatically ignoring certain contacts.

Conversely, if you don’t want to receive any forwarded calls, you can set a rule for Google to send directly to voicemail to certain contacts. You can also assign people different voicemail greetings and screen calls.

How to set one of these rules

The user must first access voice.google.com. (You should note that you cannot set or manage rules through the Google Voice mobile apps – just view them.)

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Google Voice rules cannot be set from the mobile phone (Photo: Pixabay)

From the site viewed in the browser select “Settings” in the upper right corner of the screen (represented by a gear icon). From there, click on “Calls” and select “Create a rule.”

Then you can choose for which contacts you want to set a ruleas well as choosing whether to filter the call, send it to voicemail, set a custom voicemail greeting, or forward the call to a specific number. To see all the details on how to configure each rule separately, head over to the page of Google support.

Specifically, you can now:

-Forward calls from specific contacts to their linked phone numbers or directly to voicemail.

-Opt to filter calls from specific contacts.

-Set custom voicemail greetings for specific contacts.

-Apply rules for all your contacts or specific groups within your contacts.

These modalities are already available to all Google Voice users.

Illustrative of the Google logo (Photo: REUTERS / Andrew Kelly)
Illustrative of the Google logo (Photo: REUTERS / Andrew Kelly) (ANDREW KELLY /)

How to adjust the Google Assistant to respond to your voice

Currently, several Android cell phones they have the integrated google assistant which, as its name implies, is a voice assistant within the reach of just a few words.

The traditional way to activate the assistant usually requires touching and holding the central icon in the bottom bar of the smartphone. However, on several occasions users do not realize that they can activate the tool without even touching the device.

To enable the Google Assistant to be activated by voice commands, just follow the steps below:

-You have to open the Google application and touch the profile photo image

-After this you have to touch on “Settings”.

-A new window will be displayed, you have to choose “Voice”.

-Here you need to select “Voice Match”.

5. A segment will appear with the option to activate “Hey Google”, you have to touch the switch.

Google Assistant on mobile (Photo: Europa Pres)
Google Assistant on mobile (Photo: Europa Pres) (GOOGLE /)

Once these steps have been completed, the device will request to enable the “Voice Match”, which will help the device to recognize the exact voice of the owner and learn to identify the times when the assistant’s service is required exactly. So it is necessary to complete this process so that this tool is fully operational.

The ability to activate the google assistant through voice commands It can be quite useful for users at times when they cannot touch their phones, but still need to use them, something that can facilitate tasks when cooking, driving or simply when the cell phone is out of close range.


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