WhatsApp arrives with changes: temporary messages, multi-device function and more

WhatsApp soon plans to add new functions. (photo: Ámbito)

WhatsApp is working on new features that will be rolled out to users soon, as a new mode that allows temporary messaging for all chats, as well as cross-device compatibility for up to four deviceseven ipads.

The head of the WABetainfo portal, known for sharing WhatsApp news in beta before its official launch, had the opportunity to speak with the CEO of Facebook, mark zuckerbergand the CEO of WhatsApp, Will Cathcart, about the news of the application messaging:

temporary messages

One of these novelties is a new mode for temporary messages. It is now possible to enable a function that allows you to set a time limit for messages in a certain chat to automatically disappear.

The new mode, if enabled, will implement temporary messages in all chats at once, making the WhatsApp experience seamless. “ephemeral”, as Zuckerberg pointed out for the aforementioned medium. All messages will automatically disappear after seven days.

Mark Zuckerberg.  (photo: NEWS THE PRESS PERU)
Mark Zuckerberg. (photo: NEWS THE PRESS PERU)

And as for content disappearing, there will also be another function called ‘see once’, which will automatically delete photos and videos once the recipient has viewed them, despite the possibility of taking screenshots.

Temporary message mode and ‘single view’ functionality will be available soon for WhatsApp beta participants. The company hopes that these developments will make WhatsApp messages “more private and secure.”


Multiple device compatibility

Another new feature concerns the compatibility with multiple WhatsApp devices. This is a feature that the company has been developing for some time, allowing you to use a WhatsApp account on a device other than the primary mobile device without the need for an active connection to Internet.

Zuckerberg pointed out that this is “a great technological challenge”, but they have also solved it and hope to release it soon. Specifically, Cathcart confirmed that cross-device support will be coming to public beta “within a month or two.”

With cross-device compatibility, messages will be encrypted end-to-end and users will be able to use the same account on up to four devices, including iPads.

WhatsApp will have the multi-device function.  (photo: as.com)
WhatsApp will have the multi-device function. (photo: as.com)

Create secure polls in groups

In addition, WhatsApp, is closing the gap with one of its great rivals: Telegram. And it’s because the app owned by Meta will also have the ability to create polls directly in the app without using third-party apps or websites to achieve it. An addition that has proven very useful to its users, especially in groups.

Taking into account possible changes, as everything is under development, you can see the model in which the tool will be deployed. An example as a first step would be set the question you want to ask, Why could not it be otherwise.

Once this is done, different responses can be configured that the rest of the members can choose if they want any of the proposed options. In this point, it’s not clear how many of these can be used, but certainly more than five.

Surveys on WhatsApp.  (photo: WABeta Info)
Surveys on WhatsApp. (photo: WABeta Info)

Additions are generally allowed, such as the image tagging and survey activity interval settings. And, the latter, quite relevant, because it allows the desired result not to last forever.

From Infobae, we are sorry, because to date there is no final picture of what the poll created in chat will look like. For that, you will have to wait a little longer.

WhatsApp will block accounts that do any of these things

WhatsApp is a messaging application that millions use on a daily basis. Being one of the main communication channels, it is essential that it is always working, so it is worth knowing what things could be grounds for Meta to deactivate an account.

It is better to take into account the aspects that Meta considers to deactivate an account, since it could be more difficult to be without WhatsApp than without Facebook for 30 days. Next, the reasons why the instant messaging app can deactivate an account:

– If the account has been inactive for more than 120 days in a row, it is most likely that it can no longer be used after that time and a new one will have to be opened.

– The account could also not be used if the user uses unauthorized or modified applications such as WhatsApp Plus or GB WhatsApp.

– If the account is used to make spam continuously, the safest thing is to unsubscribe. Spam is considered as broadcast lists or creation of groups to send messages continuously where there are contacts that the sender does not have in his agenda.

Account blocked for spam on WhatsApp.  (photo: dr.fone)
Account blocked for spam on WhatsApp. (photo: dr.fone)

– Meta could also consider sufficient reason to cancel the account if it notices that the user has been locked multiple times in less than a day.

– Since you are also fighting disinformation, if you detect that a user spreads fake news in several groups could deactivate the account.

– Finally if it is shared documents that are related to modified programs it is also possible that Meta chooses to close the account.


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